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Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids, Travelers and Entertainers

BY La Jolla Mom

Are you looking for last-minute gifts like I am? Well, thankfully, there’s still time. If you need some inspiration, have a look at the holiday gift guides I wrote for eBay based on items in their awesome holiday guide and charity shop. Each guide is themed with five or so corresponding product mentions.

(Here’s the thing… Listings expire on eBay so just search for a similar item if what I link to isn’t available.)

How to Host an Easy Holiday Cookie Exchange

How to host a holiday cookie exchange

You have plenty of time to organize a cookie exchange for the weekend! It’s pretty easy. Or, just pin this guide for next year. Though my trip to Germany’s Christmas Markets derailed my plans to host one this year, I love cookie exchanges. Here’s how to plan an easy one and what kind of gear might be helpful.

See: How to Host a Holiday Cookie Exchange

How to Host a While Elephant Gift Exchange

How to host a white elephant gift exchange

It thrills me to no end to talk about a family tradition that came about because we all got older and busier. It’s so, so fun and the is the perfect solution for shoppers who procrastinate as well as large families. Just wait until Grandma opens up the Edward (from Twilight) doll. Here’s how to play and what kind of gifts typically do well.

See: How to Host a White Elephant Gift Exchange

5 Great Gifts for Frequent Travelers

5 Great gifts for frequent travelers

I know a thing to about gear it takes to navigate a successful trip. And, what I love about this collection of gifts is that they all came from eBay’s Giving Works charity shop. From the designer sling bag that I wish I had while navigating Germany’s Christmas markets to the GoPro I keep forgetting to buy, these are practical things a travelers needs.

See: 5 Great Gifts for Frequent Travelers

5 Must Have Monster High Dolls and Playsets

5 Monster High gifts for girls
I am particularly proud of this guide because it was mostly written by my 7-year-old based on what she saw in the eBay Giving Works charity shop. This means that all of the dolls and gear mentioned have a portion of proceeds donated to various charities. There happens to be a lot of Monster High gear in the shop as well as many other products in a variety of categories.

See: 5 Must-Have Monster High Dolls and Playsets

5 Awesome Toys that Promote Learning

5 Awesome learning toys for kids

I figured eBay would be a good source for simple or retro toys and, of course, I was right. These non-digital options were in the holiday gift guide but if you wanted to search for your childhood favorites, have at it.

See: 5 Awesome Toys that Promote Learning

What is on your holiday gift list this year?

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