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Edible Playdough: Watch Out, It’s Tasty

A reader mentioned that I should look out for edible peanut butter playdough. My other playdough recipe is definitely edible and safe, in case a bit gets into the mouth of whoever is playing with it, but it probably doesn’t taste all that great. This recipe does. In fact, be aware that it’s delicious, if you like gooey.

Peanut Butter Edible Playdough Recipe

1 cup of peanut butter
1 cup of nonfat dried milk
2 tbsp honey

Mix together in a bowl until it’s just dry to the touch. The dried milk will absorb some of the stickiness of the peanut butter as it sits. Add more peanut butter if it gets too crumbly. Decorate with chocolate chips, M&Ms, cheerios, currants or whatever you have in the pantry. Presto, you now have an edible peanut butter playdough!

It’s very, very easy. If you wanted to add a little bit more honey (kids won’t need it), these could be a great little dessert that young kids can prepare all on their own. Store in an airtight container, however, this edible peanut butter playdough has a pretty short shelf life.

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2 thoughts on “Edible Playdough: Watch Out, It’s Tasty

  1. This playdough recipe is just great! I love to see the surprised children when I suddenly start eating the playdough 🙂

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