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Fall 2012 Fashion Preview: Wardrobe Must-Haves

Fall is just around the corner. Whether you add in a few seasonal statement pieces, redo your entire wardrobe or pull from what’s already in your closet, here the list of fall trends you need to know about.

I had the privilege of attending a fall 2012 preview breakfast at Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley. Some of these designs are so new, they’re not on the Neiman Marcus website yet. I had to exercise some major restraint in the store today, that is for sure!

Mixed Greens

Going green is in this season. Mix and match any shade. The gorgeous color palette in the above photo speaks for itself.

The Jacket

This is a weakness in my wardrobe. Jackets are of all lengths are in this fall. Below are a few cropped numbers, but there’s a long, green Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti (worn by the model second from the right in the top post photo) that I would love to own. Chuck the old black jacket aside and go out of your comfort zone. Buy a jacket with color and detail. I also just had to show you the funky shoes below, which are allegedly very comfortable.

Neiman Marcus fall fashion - cropped jackets

The Smoking Slipper

Alas, a shoe without a giant spiky heel. However, I saw these on the Neiman Marcus website a few days ago and wondered if I was shopping in the wrong section, because they’re a bit masculine (a trend that is very in for women, at the moment) and slipper-looking. However, I loved the leopard smoking slippers worn by the model above. Speaking of shoes, a brand that Neiman Marcus is carrying a lot of now, that’s new to me, is Charlotte Olympia. Her line is full of unique platform heels and cute smoking slippers, though you’ll pay more than Louboutins, in some cases. Similar to Louboutin’s red sole, Charlotte Olympia shoes are identified by a spiderweb logo somewhere on the shoe.

The Leather Leg

Instead of tights, grab a pair of skinny leather or suede pants. Pair them with a booties or smoking slippers. Black or brown works,  but wine or another dark shade is mind-blowing.

Navy: The New Neutral

Forget beige and start piling on the navy. Some of the navy I saw today was a lot lighter, closer to royal blue, than I was expecting. You know what else I learned is considered neutral? Leopard. You can wear leopard with anything.

Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley

The Statement Handbag

We saw it all, today. A Judith Leiber shaped like a genie lamp, a red Fendi tote (above) and everything in between. If you’re looking for one piece to add to your wardrobe this fall, consider a knock-out handbag with patterns, fringe or other fun details that will wow your friends.

Borrowed From The Boys

Think tuxedo jackets, boxy shoulders and oxford shoes, with just a hint of femininity.  And, smoking slippers.

Digital Prints

Etro was the first thing that came to my mind and the first example on the runway. I would never have thought to pair a print like this with a leopard handbag (remember, leopard is neutral), but it worked. It’s lower right in the photo below. Digital prints are modernized versions of standard prints. Most I saw online are more linear-looking, as if someone was tweaking the print on Photoshop.

Neiman Marcus Digital Prints

Target And Neiman Marcus?

Side note: In case you haven’t heard, Target and Neiman Marcus are partnering together during the holidays. Starting December 1, Target and Neiman Marcus stores will carry a specific line of gifts ranging from $7.99-$499. The partnership makes sense for Neiman Marcus, as their couture shoppers didn’t start out that way. It’s going to help get new clients in the door. For Target, it’s a way to upscale their brand. They expect the line to sell out within the first week!

My Favorite

The green outfit below with black sequin pants was my favorite. I loved the color of the jacket, the classic Louboutin heel, the wow-factor of the sequin pants and the handbag that pulled the entire outfit together. And, I just had to show you the Christian Louboutin hip-high boots.
Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley Trends
If you’re looking for just a few pieces to spruce up your fall 2012 wardrobe, a statement handbag, smoking slippers or a cropped, trendy jacket would be my picks.

The only disclaimer that I could possibly throw in here is that this is my favorite store. Among other things, I bought my wedding dress here and adore the service.

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    1. I am so not a fashionista so thanks for the compliment. Let’s just say it was a good thing I had to rush home to meet the carpet cleaner otherwise, I would have gotten into some deep trouble. The handbags were off the hook and the GREEN…oh so perfect.

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