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6 Super Cute Kids Bento Lunches on Pinterest

BY La Jolla Mom

If you have the time (which I don’t) to really wow your kids, here are some great ideas for ornate bento lunches. If you need some help getting started, please refer to Choosing a Kids Bento Lunch Box.

Sleeping Cat Bento Lunch

Hello Kitty (With Bunny Ears?) Bento Box

Animal Bento Lunch

Snowman Bento Box

Cow Bento Lunch

Snoopy Bento Lunch

Of course, this is a Snoopy Bento Box Lunch that I made.

For more kids bento lunch ideas visit my kids lunches Pinterest board. And, if you decide to pin this post, please click on the pins and re-pin from Pinterest. This way the original author receives credit. More on kids bento lunches soon!

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