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7 Reasons Farm Fresh to You Is a Perfect CSA for Busy Families

A CSA that we love

In Partnership with Farm Fresh to You

CSA’s are becoming an increasingly popular way to buy produce directly from a local farm. I’d been meaning to look into a subscription, but was worried that our frequent travel and lack of choice over the fruits and vegetables included would negate its value. Well, I was wrong about that because Farm Fresh to You, a CSA (which stands for Community Supported Agriculture) based in California, provides enough flexibility for our busy lifestyle.

Farm Fresh to You is a family-run, certified organic farm based in Northern California’s Capay Valley that has been in business since 1976. They also have a farm in Bardsdale which is in Ventura County. And, it’s clear that Farm Fresh to You values the connection between its subscribers and the farm. They do a good job of keeping subscribers connected to happenings at both farms through newsletters (that also have care tips and recipes) in each box, tours and farm events.

Our Mixed Fruit and Vegetable Box

I opened the box, put the items away and before I knew it, they were all gone. I couldn’t believe how seamlessly the fruits and vegetables integrated into our daily life of summer playdates, barbecues, at-home dinners and camp lunches.

Our “More” sized box of mixed fruit and vegetables contained all things we would eat including:

  • 1 serving of red potatoes
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 mini seedless watermelon
  • 3 yellow peaches
  • 2 ruby grapefruit
  • 1 yellow nectarine
  • 1 bunch of broccoli
  • 3 cobs of white corn
  • 1 bunch of green kale
  • 1 bunch of romaine lettuce
  • 1 green bell pepper
  • 3 red pluots
  • 1 package of red grapes
  • 1 Hass avocado
  • 1 package of mixed heirloom tomatoes
Gorgeous fruit in our Farm Fresh to You subscription CSA box

But, you can also customize your box. Read on.

Reasons Why Farm Fresh to You Suits Busy Families

1. It’s Certified Organic

I personally find navigating farmer’s markets a bit tedious because I do try to buy Certified Organic produce whenever possible and it’s not always obvious. The reason is that these farms are subject to quite stringent regulations and it means that the methods of farming are sustainable to the environment. Some farms call themselves organic but cut corners here and there which is something I’m just not interested in.

2. There’s No Commitment

A number of CSAs require a season of commitment with a substantial downpayment upfront. Farm Fresh to You is a pay-by-month service. Our box retailed for $46 but there are a range of options between $26 and $110. Try it for a month and continue if you like it. You can choose the frequency of your deliveries, too.

3. You Can Customize Your Box

Before delivery, you’ll have an option to customize your box. This is a huge selling point for me. If you’re planning a recipe and need certain produce, you can have them delivered. If your kids are craving peaches and they’re in season, add some in. You can also add in other farm products like olive oil and eggs.

4. You Can Always Have Fruit and Veg On-Hand

A CSA box with healthy fruit and vegetables as snacks for kids

I am often going to the grocery store—which is an errand I’ve grown not to love—just to stock up on produce and the fact that I can customize our CSA box will certainly cut down these trips and prevent our stocks from depleting. Because if there isn’t fruit around, my daughter will head for less-healthy snacks.

5. The Box Can Be Stopped when on Vacation 

Go online to stop your box should you be away or perhaps not need a delivery. It’s that easy. We’re about to travel so our subscription is on pause until school starts again. I can go online to restart it.

6. The Cost Isn’t Much Different

Most of our produce is either bought at Sprouts or our local Farmer’s Market. My husband and I added up what the items in our Farm Fresh to You box would cost otherwise and it came up to be just a few dollars more. And, it arrived at our doorstep. And, we’re supporting a local farm by putting dollars right back into the community.

7. The Produce Is High Quality

A beautiful heirloom tomato in our Farm Fresh to You CSA box

I already told you that we ate everything and the reason is that it was good! I don’t always pick the best quality fruit and veg when they’re piled high in a produce bin so you may have to wait for things to ripen or the occasional piece won’t be perfect. There was only one peach in our box that wasn’t perfect, but everything else was.

Bottom Line

Farm Fresh to You is a California CSA delivered to your doorstep or office that provides enough flexibility for busy lifestyles. You can pick your own produce, pause orders and more. Easy and good for the community.

Delivery is available to select zip codes in California. Find out if they deliver to you.

We really do love this service so I hope you give it a try and let me know what you think.

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