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San Diego: Save Time and Eat Healthier with Weekly Salad Deliveries

UPDATE: They have since gone out of business

BY La Jolla Mom

UPDATE: Farmer’s Fix is no longer in business. If there was a time to try a new San Diego salad delivery service, it was right after a lengthy and rather indulgent vacation in mainland China and Hong Kong. I arrived home on a Sunday afternoon and so did my five Farmer’s Fix salads that I had pre-ordered with the intention of eating them for lunch throughout the following week.

Farmer’s Fix is a San Diego company that offers weekly subscriptions of delicious and nutritious salads delivered directly to homes or offices. “Our goal is to supply San Diegans with the most simplified and sustainable way to eat healthy,” said Tawei David Lin of Farmer’s Fix. “We understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes commitment, and we aim to provide convenience without sacrificing nutrition. Your easiest food choice should be your healthiest.”

So Incredibly Convenient

Truthfully, I had underestimated how convenient this would be in a situation like mine. I simply thought I’d be craving leafy greens by the time I got home to make up for the copious dim sum and champagne that had been on my menu for 2.5 weeks prior.

Eat a healthy lunch by having Farmer's Fix salads delivered once a week.

And, the last thing I ever want to after flying across an ocean is go to the grocery store to refill a fridge. I don’t even like grocery shopping when fully rested.

Lunch Was Ready

Monday came like a freight train (sound familiar?). My daughter’s birthday loomed in 24 hours and I’d totally neglected my inbox while on vacation. I had to hit the ground running at maximum speed which meant I felt enormously grateful for having lunches taken care of.

Farmer's Fix salads in their packaging. I love this San Diego salad delivery company.

The salads I ordered included:

  • Thai Forbidden Rice: Baby kale, forbidden rice, snap peas, yellow bell pepper, honey roasted peanut, bean sprout, scallion with a sweet chili dressing
  • Kalefornia Dreamin’: Baby kale, red bell pepper, granny smith apple, dried cranberry, queso fresco, honey roasted peanut, red onion with a smokey pomegranate dressing
  • Greek: Arugula, chickpea, European cucumber, feta cheese, kalamata olive, parsley, pepperoncini, pistachio, red bell pepper, red onion with a lemon oregano dressing
  • Poppyseed Pear: Apple, dried cranberry, feta cheese, pear, pecan, spinach with a creamy poppyseed dressing
  • Faro Vegetable: Almond, arugula, celery, organic farro, feta cheese, kalamata olive, red bell pepper, scallion with a sherry vinaigrette dressing (this was my favorite)

Does lunch next to the computer sound familiar? It’s where I ate for the entire week while scrambling to catch up on emails, work and life.

Farmer's Fix delivers salads within San Diego. It is the perfect solution for busy work-at-home parents.

When I’m stressed-out-busy like this, I can’t be bothered to prepare a decent lunch. Corners get cut and it doesn’t taste that great. With Farmer’s Fix, all I did was toss each prepared salad in a bowl (you can even use the bowl it comes in) and eat.

I thought about how convenient a salad delivery service would have been when I was working in finance. Lunch was either eaten out with clients or at my desk. I could have taken a salad to work with me and popped it into the office fridge. Or, simply had the salads delivered to the office.

They’re Delicious

I never would have made lunch salads for myself that tasted this good. Period. Farmer’s Fix currently offers a selection of 15 different salads to choose from including gluten free and vegan options. And, you can customize them based on taste, allergies or other preferences.

Use Farmer’s Fix to Supplement Dinner, Too

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve wished for a GOOD salad to accompany dinner. These 24 oz bowls could easily be served as a dinner side dish for a family of four.

Get healthy, prepared salads delivered to your home or office in San Diego.

Good to Know

I was skeptical as to whether my salads would hold up for six days (delivered on a Sunday and eaten Monday – Friday). They did, though I might suggest that you eat them based on the ingredients. On Friday, the apples in my Kalefornia Dreamin’ salad tasted totally fine but the edges had started to turn a little. My Greek salad would have been a better choice for this day.

The salads are handmade in small batches every week using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Each salad is $10 and delivered weekly to customers’ doorsteps in reusable insulated bags with icepacks, staying fresh regardless of whether they are home to receive it. Leave the bag out the following week and they’ll exchange it at the same time they leave your next delivery.

You can order salads only when you need them. Subscribers can make salad selections any time before Wednesday at 11:00 p.m., and orders will be delivered the following Sunday.

Each salad contains approximately 220-660 calories. Nutrition information with and without dressing is available on the ordering page.

Salads come in non-plastic 24oz Ingeo bowls that are made from vegetables and compost into the soil.

A gorgeous Greek Farmer's Fix salad that I had delivered to home.

Act quickly as this promo code expires on May 15, the day after Mother’s Day. (wouldn’t this be a great gift?) I’m happy to support local businesses know that Farmer’s Fix is going to be a time-saver for a lot of you.

If you try Farmer’s Fix, please let me know how you like it!

*Thanks to Farmer’s Fix for sponsoring this post, allowing me to try something new and share this discount with you all.

Farmer's Fix delivers gorgeous gourmet salads to San Diego homes and offices once per week.

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