From dinner ideas for kids to cookie recipes, you’ll be able to find what you need for cooking simple meals or delicious dessert with these tasty recipes.
Mac and Cheese Recipe from St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital Kitchen

Grab the tissue. St. Jude called a sick little boy’s grandma for this delicious recipe, because it was the only thing he craved.

Tiramisu Brownie Recipe Baking

Since I was sent most of the ingredients in an adorable gift basket, I decided to try baking Tiramisu brownies.

hard boiled egg recipes for easter

These delicious recipes were sourced from Pinterest so you can use up all those colored Easter eggs.

Scotchie's Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Don’t ever visit Jamaica without eating copious amounts of jerk chicken. Ever.

Alzheimer's Disease Food Recipes Anti-Oxidants Amaranth

Though amaranth is a power grain, I boost it with blueberries, flax and coconut oil for breakfast.

Grilled Cheese Naan

Put a twist on the usual grilled cheese sandwich by using naan instead of boring bread and a special cheese.

Baking with avocado instead of butter

Though the blondies were tinted a little bit green, no one could really tell the difference.

gooey pumpkin bars cake dessert recipe

Another fabulous fall dessert that’s a winner with guests and easy to make.

Shredded Wheat Blueberry Muffin Recipe

Now you know what to do with all of the random shreds at the bottom of a Shredded Wheat cereal box.

The Baked NYC Brownie Recipe

Substitute semi-sweet chocolate for the specialty chocolates and the end result is just fine.