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An Easy Way to Feed Your Dog Fresh Food

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I grabbed a package of Freshpet dog food from the refrigerated section of our local pet store as a last resort. Scooby was recovering from TPLO surgery (basically, a torn ligament in his knee that required rebuilding his leg) and wasn’t taking his antibiotics or pain pills.

I was looking for something new to hide them in. He’d become a master of spitting out pills and thought they were in everything we tried to feed him. He started to refuse all food.

Freshpet proved to be a game-changer. I’ll never forget how his love for the bright red cranberries in the salmon and spinach recipe helped him forget about the pills. (In fact, I’ve read plenty of accounts since then about how picky dogs turn a corner after trying Freshpet.)

Scooby inhaled this all-natural pet food with his medicines tucked inside, which allowed him to heal much faster than most dogs do from this invasive surgery.

I hadn’t considered fresh dog food before this but noticed that it does agree with his somewhat fragile system. He has skin issues due to allergies. So, this got me thinking about why Freshpet dog food is different than other high-quality dog foods.

Why Fresh Is Best

Freshpet dog food is in the refrigerated section

I tend to feel better after eating fresh food so it only makes sense that dogs may, too. The “fresh” in Freshpet means that the food is made from scratch in their Bethlehem, PA kitchen using real vegetables and meat.

Absent are meat meals or by-product meals (the mysterious scrap meat renderings that wind up in a lot of dog food), and Freshpet is cooked at low temperatures to retain nutrients.

I didn’t realize that a lot of dog food is cooked at extremely high temperatures, which evaporates nutrients (that are then sometimes artificially added back in). They also do not use any chemical or artificial preservatives.

Freshpet fresh dog food review
Freshpet dog food is made from all-natural ingredients

It’s the closest dog food I’ve fed Scooby so far that resembles something we might make for ourselves. Except, with Freshpet, there isn’t any preparation involved.

We open the bag, measure the food and pour it into his bowl. Pictured above is one of Freshpet’s Beef Roasted Meals, the Tender Beef Recipe with shredded sweet potatoes, vitamin-rich green beans, and carrots. Scooby loves fresh carrots.

It’s pretty much like a fresh homecooked meal for your pet, without the effort of actually preparing it yourself.

Who Is Freshpet For?

Freshpet dog food is preservative-free.

Freshpet is for people who want to feel good about what they feed their dogs. It’s for picky dogs, as mentioned above. Dogs with sensitivities, like mine, may also respond well to it. I can read and understand the ingredient label to identify any ingredients that he is supposed to avoid.

It’s for dogs that like food that tastes good, which is basically every dog. The other good news is that it’s easy to Find Freshpet near you (it’s sold at our local pet stores and the two major grocery stores I shop at regularly, to give you an idea, in addition to Amazon).

Freshpet is an easy way to feed dogs fresh food.

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