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Frozen Banana Art That’s Also A Healthy Dessert Option

BY La Jolla Mom

Bear with me here. This project was designed for La Jolla Girl on the fly, when she was antsy and I needed to unpack from our vacation and get some kitchen chores done. I am willing to bet that you can do a better job, since we made this kids recipe/activity up on the fly. My 4-year-old made these frozen bananas all by herself .

I originally bought bananas to make frozen bananas with homemade chocolate sauce and nuts. But, I didn’t have time for that. We had strawberry, blueberry and vanilla yogurt (I normally buy organic but it was out of stock Albertson’s) and sprinkles. La Jolla Girl spooned the yogurt on to plates.

Next, she opened and sliced the bananas with a butter knife. We had long coffee sticks, but actual popsicle sticks are better for larger bananas.

Frozen Banana Sticks - Preparing the Bananas

Then, she rolled the bananas in the yogurt. At first, she rolled and then added sprinkles. Because of her coordination, this turned into a huge mess with her shaking them all over the place. I had a few frozen blueberries that I tried to get her to use, but these we less interesting than sprinkles.

Frozen Banana Sticks - Kids Recipe

To curb the mess, I had her shake the sprinkles on to the plates of yogurt. They melted and made cool swirls.

Frozen Banana Sticks - Yogurt Swirls

She tried a whole banana and it looked really neat. Almost tie-dye. It was too big for a coffee stick and needed a sturdier popsicle stick.

Frozen Banana Sticks - Kids Recipes

She insisted that I show you all this little banana, which was her favorite.

Frozen Banana Sticks - Kids Dessert Recipes

Here is the upshot of this kids recipe/activity:

  • This kept her busy for over an hour.
  • She was able to make these herself from start to finish. I just put them in the freezer.
  • If you can sell it as a healthy dessert to your kids, it’s a much healthier option. These don’t actually need sprinkles, just plain yogurt is fine.
  • You could roll them in coconut or granola too.
  • They actually taste pretty good. Even I have been snacking on them.

We did try to freeze a few bananas first and then roll them in yogurt. This didn’t work as well. Also, you’ll need to make sure the yogurt is creamy enough to coat the banana. Stir it well first.

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