I have a confession to make. I actually do buy travel insurance more often than not.

San Diego-based CSA Travel Protection has rebranded into Generali Global Assistance and I’ve partnered with them to tell you why travel insurance should not be overlooked and to introduce their new plans, which provide a bit more coverage than the competition in addition to some other helpful benefits. You can actually cover yourself from the unexpected at a at a fraction of your trip cost.

Life Happens Before Departure

If I am purchasing expensive airfare (let’s face it, even business class on many carriers is non-refundable), I buy travel insurance. I simply never know what’s going to happen when the entire family is traveling. Growing kids break bones or get hurt playing sports. And, the flu ran rampant through our school during winter. Life happens and cancelling a trip last minute without insurance can potentially cost big money.

Things Happen After Departure

I will never forget the time I got food poisoning in Phuket and the hotel had to send a nurse. I didn’t have travel insurance and had to pay to rebook a flight back to Hong Kong out-of-pocket. Plus, luggage gets lost and extreme weather can wreck an itinerary.

You don’t want to feel like this guy. Travel insurance is a small cost for peace of mind.

Travel insurance, from a company like Generali Global Assistance, is a small cost for peace of mind.

Credit Card Travel Insurance Can Be Insufficient

I have two of the top tier credit cards with hefty annual fees that frequent travelers swear by. While I love them for other benefits, travel insurance really isn’t one of them. Do yourself a favor and check the travel insurance that your credit card offers. Does it cover rental cars? What about medical expenses (pre-existing conditions are usually not covered)? What about extended family members? What about trip cancellation? Read the fine print so that you know exactly what is covered and what isn’t before traveling.

Easy Access to Help on the Go

Travel insurance can provide assistance when you’re in need of help, for example, if a traveler is ill an unsure if they should head to urgent care. Generali Global Assistance provides access to Teladoc, a virtual doctor service, that connects you to medical experts via video from anywhere in the world. This is taking help up a notch, for sure, as previous plans I’ve purchased did not offer this level of convenience.

Cancel For Any Reason Coverage

One of the main reasons I buy travel insurance is for this benefit. I want to be able to call off a trip for almost any reason without having to fight the insurance company about it. If we’re not feeling up to traveling because of an unexpected extended family illness (been there), I want to be able to cancel. Sure, there are always terms and conditions but as someone who is married to a lawyer and pays attention to fine print, we’re usually comfortable enough with them to add cancel for any reason to our travel insurance.

Cancel for any reason coverage is an add-on that typically needs to be purchased within 24-hours of final trip payment. This means that you should buy a travel insurance policy with a cancel for any reason benefit at the same time as you buy airline tickets or put a final payment down for a tour or cruise.

Why Global Generali Assistance Is Different

Travel insurance, from a company like Generali Global Assistance, is a small cost for peace of mind especially because kids get sick!

Generali is more of a household name in Europe with a longstanding ranking as a Fortune 500 company and a history dating back to 1831 They’re actually one of the largest insurance providers in the world.

The brand new Generali Global Assistance website is easy-to-use. Travelers choose between three plans based on the level of coverage required and price is determined by the details of the trip. It’s a small cost for what a medical emergency could cost.

In addition to aspects mentioned above, Generali Global Assistance plans are different from the competition in that they offer:

  • 24/7 emergency assistance hotline
  • On Demand Medical Care (which means that you don’t pay out-of-pocket for medical services up to $1000)
  • Coverage for preexisting conditions if the policy is bought within a 24-hour window of the final payment
  • Identity Theft Resolution services, higher overage options for stolen or damaged items
  • No per-item limits on baggage coverage
  • Higher trip cancellation benefit limits
  • Trip cancellation covering extended family members

Travel smarter by following Generali Global Assistance on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s often wise to get into the habit of purchasing travel insurance at the same time you pay for your trips.

Do you buy travel insurance?

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Generali Global Assistance

Travel insurance helps protect from the unexpected. Here's why I buy it and a company to consider.
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  1. I tried the struggle of travelling without insurance once and I would never do it again. So much money spent! Lately I found out a new company called Heymondo, that has very convenient prices. Do you know anything about it? Thanks a lot