In partnership with ALDI. Whether you eat gluten-free by necessity or choice, no sacrifice will be noticed with this ALDI Test Kitchen recipe for Gluten Free Strawberry Cupcakes.

I’ve become more familiar with ALDI through my fun ALDI Delivered partnership and can honestly tell you that their gluten-free mixes are pretty darn good. San Diego’s new Vista store has a huge section of gluten-free goods that is bigger than our other local grocery store that is 4x the size.

I would not suspect they were gluten-free. But since they have offerings like gluten-free yellow cake mix, it’s nice to know what you can do with it.

To make the actual cupcakes, just follow the instructions on the box. These are the only ingredients you need!

Ingredients for a gluten-free cupcakes recipe.

Mix wet ingredients and then add in the entire box of liveGfree® Yellow Cake Mix.

Pour evenly into a 12 cupcake pan and bake for 18 minutes. I pulled them out just as the tops started to brown. They came out perfectly.

A recipe for gluten-free cupcakes courtesy of ALDI

I am surprised by how moist they are. I’ve had some gluten-free cupcakes that were noticeably dry, so it’s nice to know they don’t have to be.

The fun part of this recipe is the frosting. It’s fluffy and sweet with a hint of butter and strawberry. You’ll need to cook two egg whites and Baker’s Corner Granulated Sugar in a double boiler until the sugar melts. Transfer to a stand mixer and mix until stiff peaks form. This took a while, so I let the mixer run while I did other things. Add in soft Countryside Creamery Unsalted Butter in chunks, mix further and then add in Berryhill Strawberry Preserves!

A gluten-free strawberry cupcakes recipe courtesy of ALDI

Kids love these just as much as adults do, trust me. You can’t tell these are gluten-free!

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