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Godiva Chocolate from Target for Last-Minute and Casual Holiday Gifts

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Godiva chocolates are available at Target, a place I head to multiple times during a holiday season for gifts, decorations, last-minute travel necessities and then some. I like to have small-yet-nice gifts on hand to include with gift cards, take to dinner parties and for last minute gifts. These reasonably-priced Belgian delights definitely fit the bill.

Plus, I am incredibly short on time as we’re headed to the Bahamas next week. Therefore, more I can get done in a single store, the better.

Gift Godiva chocolate from Target during the holidays.

Truth-be-told, I hadn’t spent a lot of time in our local Target’s food section, but was surprised by the quality of chocolates that can be found there at reasonable prices.

Godiva chocolates have by far the most beautiful packaging with gold boxes and holiday-themed wrap. However, the tins might be more suitable for those who need to pack chocolates in a carry-on bag or suitcase.

Buy Godiva chocolates this holiday season at Target

I thought about who I would gift a box of nice Belgian chocolates to and came up with the following list of people who have been so helpful to us lately.

Teachers: Of course, teachers deserve some chocolates for being responsible for ours kids’ education 5 days a week. It’s a challenging task, I’m sure. While the class pools together for a larger gift, kids like to make cards individually and attach them to something simpler.

Tennis Coach: Every week, he tries to correct the swings of 4 wired and chatty 8-year-old girls. Some days it’s easy while others it’s like herding cats. I don’t like to just hand people cash or gift cards so will gift one of these in a card attached to a box of Godiva.

Mandarin Tutor: She drives quite a distance to our house (often in Friday traffic) to help our daughter keep up with her Mandarin studies and does an excellent job of maximizing every minute of time. I’ll send her home with a box next time she comes.

Neighbors: Kind enough to watch out for our home while we travel, I plan to gift chocolates to several of our neighbors during the holidays.

Pet Resort: Along the same lines as my neighbors, our dog checks into a wonderful pet resort sometimes when we travel. The holidays are incredibly busy for them so I think they may appreciate some sweet treats to nosh on during this festive time of the year. I’m so grateful that they take such good care of him that he absolutely loves going every time. I’ll drop off a box of Godiva when I check him in next week.

I bought a few spares just in case I need a last-minute token of appreciation as well as a box and bag of truffles for my family.

We were also at Target to find a gift for the Salvation Army Angel Tree our tennis club is hosting. Our recipient is a 5-year-old little girl who loves dolls like Elsa from Frozen. I also picked up some hula hoops and a few other activities to entertain kids here during play dates.

Holiday shopping at Target

The woman assisting us at check-out mentioned that I should download Target’s new Cartwheel app because it offers exclusive coupons and discounts that I wouldn’t otherwise receive. It turns out that now is the perfect time to download the app and load up on Godiva chocolates as they are participating in a 20% off Cartwheel promotion through December 19.

Not one to let chocolate sit around for too long, I opened our box. The chocolate is truly decadent and delicious.

Godiva chocolate from Target makes for a delicious holiday dessert.

Download the Cartwheel app today for your 20% savings off of Godiva at Target! You can also follow the #GiftGodiva hashtag on social media.

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