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An Easy Blueberry-Themed Gift Basket Idea With Scones

BY La Jolla Mom

This is one of those posts with triple intentions: an easy blueberry scone recipe, an idea for a housewarming present and a discount on coffee. All topics are separate, but related.

Each month we receive a gorgeously presented package from Green Mountain Coffee. Even my husband is constantly complimenting these deliveries. This month’s package was blueberry-themed. If you think that Wild Blueberry coffee doesn’t sound appealing, you’re wrong. It’s actually one of my favorite Green Mountain Coffee flavors, but one I never would have tried if it wasn’t for my Green Mountain Coffee Ambassadorship.

Blueberry Scones

Yes, it’s a box. I have a thing against boxed mixes because they taste boxed. I can identify a boxed cake from a mile away, but do happily eat it. However, when one is presented with a blueberry-themed gift basket and has a scone-loving child, one makes the boxed scones. And then, one nearly eats the entire round. They were outrageously good.

The King Arthur blueberry scone mix already has dehydrated blueberries in it so all you do is add an egg, milk and a stick of butter. Easy. Make a big round and cut it into slices or use a cutter to make perfectly round scones. The little rounds can be cut it in half and stuffed with a layer of whipped cream and fresh blueberries for quick blueberry shortcake! This mix doesn’t taste like a mix. Fess up to your friends that it’s boxed or, perhaps, claim it’s some family recipe. They won’t know the difference. Top the scones with lemon curd or a nice glaze and then hit the treadmill.

Make A Creative Gift Basket

Go to Michael’s or similar and grab an inexpensive basket and napkin or other filler. Put the blueberry scone mix ($5.95) in it along with a nice jam or lemon curd ($6.95). La Jolla Girl is now a lemon curd convert as this one by King Arthur Flour is to die for. Throw in some blueberry coffee. Wild Blueberry is available in K-cup portion packs (16.49 for 24 K-cups) or regular ground coffee ($9.49 for 12 oz bag). If you’re not shipping this, add in a package of fresh blueberries. You’ll have a much appreciated, yet useful, housewarming or hostess gift.

A Discount On Coffee

Here’s your chance to get your next cup of Joe on the cheap, if you have a Keurig.

Use code YUMMY-8133. This promo code offers 15% off all Green Mountain Coffee® flavored coffees available in K-Cup® packs – including Brew Over Ice. The code will be active from August 9 to September 12 on

What do you usually bring as a hostess or housewarming gift?

As mentioned in this post, I received this basket as a part of my Green Mountain Coffee Ambassadorship, however, we have had a Keurig for ages.

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