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Halloween Party Food Ideas: Alien Cupcakes & Mummy Dip

BY La Jolla Mom

I want to quickly share a few cute Halloween party food ideas that I found. I didn’t have time in the end to make everything I wanted to, but here are a few cute ones.

Halloween Alien Cupcakes

I got this easy idea from an old Martha Stewart Kids magazine. Instead of buying packs of jellybeans and other candy at the grocery store, it probably would have been less expensive to go get a few scoops of whatever I needed at the Sweet Factory, the only place I could find the black licorice strings anyway. You don’t need very much of each type of candy if you’re making a mix of aliens. You’ll also need large and small marshmallows to make teeth and eyes.

I also got white and black M&Ms at Michael’s for teeth and eyes. I used kitchen sheers or a paring knife to cut the candy when needed. To make the extended eyes, you just press a marshmallow into a sturdy licorice string and then press it into the cupcake. Everything else is pretty self explanatory, I think.

I was surprised that my 2-year-old was able to help without diving into the candy and marshmallows. But even with her “help” it didn’t take very long to decorate these. I would suggest, because some of the red and green candy tape (used for eyelids and lips) is sour, that you use a very sweet buttercream frosting. These candies will sour a frosting that isn’t very sweet like a cream cheese.

Mummy Cheese Dip Recipe

Halloween Party Food Recipe for Cream Cheese Mummy Dip

The other thing I had fun making was Mummy Cheese Dip. I think that any cheese dip that you’d normally form into a ball would work. I used a bacon cheese ball recipe that was pretty good made a day in advance.

The decoration took a few minutes and green olives with pimentos form the eyes. You can cut the edge off a Ziploc bag and do it or use cake decorating supplies. I used the latter because I’ve taken cake decorating classes. I strung the mummy wrap pretty thin (thought it would taste better) so it only took a half a pack of cream cheese.

Deviled Egg Eyeballs

Take your favorite deviled egg recipe and turn them into eyeballs. All you need is a sliced green olive with pimento inside. To make the eyeballs look bloodshot, buy some extra pimento and add them on. I ran out of time, so as you see below, I wound up with half and half.

Halloween Party Food

Other cute ideas I saw including a vomiting pumpkin (guacamole positioned like it’s coming out of a Jack O Lantern’s mouth) and some Halloween food so graphic I won’t mention them here. Also see Toddler Halloween Party Games and Easy Hanging Halloween Decorations.

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  2. I’m IMPRESSED!!

    *sigh* with my son all grown up now, I don’t make these sorts of things anymore. My crowning glory once upon a time was a snowman made from ice cream for my son’s birthday. I got it from Martha Stewart as well.

    But now I’m thinking… maybe I should make some halloween themed things and bring out the kid in everyone 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!
    .-= Maven´s last blog ..The Soul, Spirits and Love that Abides =-.

  3. I loved this post! You have a lovely blog!!!! Im in San Diego too…Escondido to be exact! So great to find you!!!
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  4. I just love these. Wish I was having a Halloween party this year so I could use them now. Maybe next year.
    .-= Cynthia at A Shimmy In My Spirit´s last blog ..iPods For The Future =-.

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