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Keep Dogs Healthy: A Minties Preventative Care Pack

BY La Jolla Mom

One of the keys to avoiding pricey vet bills is to keep pets healthy. Some pets can be more of a challenge in this department than others. My dog, for example, suffers from seasonal allergies. We were advised that we could order (very) expensive allergy tests that not only wouldn’t be covered by insurance, they may not reveal the cause. VetIQ (sponsors of this post) make two items in particular that are great for my allergy-ridden dog. I already told you about Minties (above) and they’re in the prize pack I’m giving away. But, I’d like to highlight one other product in the giveaway because I’ve just become aware of how beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids are for dogs—whether they have allergies or are perfectly healthy dogs.

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Why Omega-3 for Dogs?

Think about this: A dog’s skin is much more exposed to the elements than ours which means they require maximum skin support. Dogs roll around in the dirt, rub up against bushes and even lay on our germ-ridden floors. My dog barely has any fur to protect him from the elements so we’re constantly spraying sunscreen on the poor guy. Experts say that fatty acids from fish oil are the best way to protect skin, and I think this goes for humans, too.

A friend of mine recently tipped me off to adding Omega-3 to our dog’s diet. I figured it couldn’t hurt and it was mid-summer, the time when he’s usually chewing up his feet like crazy because they itch (and often become infected). After two weeks of using an Omega-3 supplement, his paws improved significantly. About two weeks lapsed between the time we ran out to when I went out to buy more. Over time, I had forgotten that the Omega-3 was responsible for the improvement and it only dawned on me when his paws reverted back into mess. Poor guy. So, I was thrilled to learn that VetIQ has skin and coat chews with Omega-3 in them that I can give him as a healthy treat.

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Minties Are Also Great For Allergy Dogs

Always ask your vet, but we like to give our dog Minties Dental Treats, because they are soy, wheat and corn-free–common allergens for dogs. I called our local WalMart to confirm availability (which was easier than I thought it would be) and they were in the dog food section. My dog loves them.

Minties Dental Treats for Dogs

I actually notice a difference when we run out. His breath gets noticeably stinkier. Minties Dental Treats are massively popular–they have a huge Facebook following.

Win A Preventative Care Prize Pack And Try Both

VetIQ (the makers of Minties Treats) products are made in the U.S.A. and of the kind of quality that veterinarians recommend. The prize pack includes:

  • VetGuard Plus: Vet grade, triple-action formula that kills fleas and ticks, prevents eggs and larvae from becoming adults, and prevents new pests.
  • Minties Dental TreatsSupports total oral health with a triple-action formula that helps clean teeth, freshen breath and control plaque and tartar.
  • Hip & Joint ChewsGreat-tasting soft chews that provide total joint health to support your dog.
  • Vitamin ChewsBite-sized, easy-to-chew and digest multivitamin and mineral supplement that promotes your dog’s overall health and vitality, providing 19 essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
  • Skin & Coat ChewsThis treat contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids from fish oil, biotin and antioxidants to help soften and protect your dog’s coat, leaving it smooth and shiny.
  • Pill TreatsSoft, hickory smoked bacon flavored treat that dogs love, designed with a built-in tube, perfect for hiding a tablet or capsule.

*This giveaway is sported by VetIQ, makes of Minties Treats and the other prize pack items.

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18 thoughts on “Keep Dogs Healthy: A Minties Preventative Care Pack

  1. I have a black cocker spaniel named Bailey I give my Bailey flea pills heartworm
    pills and take him to Vet every 6 months for a check up.

  2. I have two Boxers, Lexie age 9 and Goober (her son) who is going on 2 years old. Right now we only have them on healthy foods and lots of walks, but as Lexie is getting older she could definately use some help

  3. I have two rescued dogs. One is a French Brittany spaniel/hound mix and the other is a Flat Coat retriever/horse (he’s so big!) mix! We do heartworm and flea/tick prevention year round. Our Brittany mix also gets glucosamine because she is almost 13 years old and her joints are starting to bother her.

  4. We have two dogs a 2 yr. old Yellow Lab named Marley and a 1 yr. old Welsh corgi mix named Colby. They receive heart worm preventative medicine, flea and tick meds and regular vet checks.


  5. I have a Belgium malinois and a Australian shepard. Both get walks (I think that is healthy), flea, heartworm, vet checks and teeth brushing.

  6. We have a Bichon/Schnauzer mix sort of. He was heartworm positive when we adopted him so we keep up with that and flea control as well as Rabies shots.

  7. I did not know that omega 3 will have a lot of benefits to the dogs. Maybe I will try to check out if there are Minties Dental Treats available in the local grocery. I guess there is nothing to lose and VetGuard Plus seems promising to eliminate ticks and fleas

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