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Kids Recipe: Jack-O-Lantern Healthy Halloween Snack

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I thought the days of shaping food were behind me. However, I’m noticing that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get my 8-year-old daughter and her friends to eat healthy snacks because they are old enough to forage through the pantry themselves.

But, if I present a food shaped like something—like this jack-o-lantern—they’ll eat it. Maybe it’s because they appreciate the effort it takes, but I don’t really care as long as gets some fruit and/or veg into their system. My daughter actually found this healthy Halloween snack idea on the internet and modified it based on our refrigerator contents.

Your kids can make this easy and healthy Halloween snack in the shape of a jack-o-lantern.

If your kids can peel a tangerine or orange, they can make this themselves (I cut the celery, however). The shape can be modified to serve as many kids (or adults) as you need by just adding more tangerine slices.

I don’t even need to tell you how to make this because it’s obvious from the photo but here it goes.

Healthy Halloween Kids Snack


  • celery sticks
  • blackberries
  • tangerines


Peel the tangerines and shape them like a jack-o-lantern. Use the berries for the eyes and mouth. It’s easier to achieve a more triangular shape for the eyes and a more traditional mouth with block-y teeth on a bigger tangerine jack-o-lantern. The most important step is to cover and refrigerate until serving otherwise the tangerine slices will dry out.

Easy enough? I definitely would have taken this healthy Halloween kids snack to preschool on our designated snack day.

For other healthy Halloween snack ideas, see spider crackers and mini muffins with happy faces.

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One thought on “Kids Recipe: Jack-O-Lantern Healthy Halloween Snack

  1. Kids love fruit! Even though they mostly scream for candy, when you give them fruit they love it. And much more healthy. Let them make their own collage with it, guarantied succes 🙂

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