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Tween and Teen Accessory Trends (Boys and Girls)

If you’re looking for something inexpensive, but cool to give the tween or teen in your life, look no further. Though La Jolla Girl is only 4, I researched this topic for a special KUSI morning segment about the Promises2Kids Holiday Gift Drive. I consulted the internet, spoke with friends who have tweens and teens, and polled sales associates at UTC mall. Here’s what is “in” right now.

Jewel Tones For Winter

It’s no surprise that jewel tones are also in for tweens and teens. One stop into Icing by Claire’s and the accessory section in Nordstrom confirmed this. Now that you know this, what do you buy?

  • Feathers:  For kids that aren’t allowed to have permanent hair bling, headbands and clips with feathers attached are the perfect solution. Matching earrings are even better. Prices range from $6.50 – $14.50.
  • Flower hair clips: The sales associate at Icing by Claire’s said that flower clips are in. The bigger they are, the better, especially for the tween set. The ones I chose ($8)  have flowers and wispy feathers intertwined.
  • Cross body bags: I was surprised that the “in” bags look like something that I would carry. They are really cute. You can shorten the straps and carry it like a shoulder bag too or lengthen them to hang across your body. Most of the bags I saw were in browns and muted jewel tones. At Icing by Claire’s and Target, the prices range from $15 – $35.
  • Nail polish:  Icing by Claire’s has mood polish that actually changes color based on your mood ($2.75 – $5.00). Natural polish companies like Butter and Zoya (around $8 each) have gorgeous jewel tone polishes. I stopped into Bellamani in La Jolla to borrow some of theirs for the segment.
  • Slap watches:  I hadn’t heard of a slap watch, but now I see them everywhere. Talk about convenient as you just sap it on your wrist. They come in very vibrant colors and aren’t expensive. I picked these up at Nordstrom for $18 each.
  • Glasses: Well, these fake attitude glasses are popular with the tween set. They’re just for style, not to improve eyesight. Both ages are wearing that old school Ray Ban wayfarer style sunglasses that was popular in the 1980s. Cost at Icing by Claire’s ranges from $10 – $12.


There are so many hat options. Tweens tend to like the fancier, bolder hats such as the owl hat in the photo above. There’s another turquoise jewel toned hat with pom poms on the side that is popular with tweens. Teens tend to go for less complicated hats like caps or berets. Hats I chose range from $8 – $26 at full price, however, they were on a buy one get one free promotion at Icing by Claire’s.

Long Pendants

The popular pendants in store right now are on long, antique gold chains. Anything with a clock is popular, in fact Icing by Claire’s can’t keep one particular clock style in stock. There’s another with an hourglass that’s popular. In the age of cell phones, I find this surprising but maybe that’s the reason. Clocks are now vintage? Forever 21 has very inexpensive long pendants, but they are all final sale. The price range of the ones I used in the segment are from $5 – $10.50.

Sparkly or Bright Shoes

TOMS: The most popular brand of shoes in this age group right now is TOMS. Not only are they charitable, but they’re really cute. They can’t keep the sparkly TOMS in stock. TOMS retail for about $60 per pair normally.

Vans:  The most popular pair of Vans at Nordstrom are a turquoise and pink leopard print shown in the post photo above. They are $35.

Converse: I had no idea that Converse are sold at Target. This darling pair is $34. Men’s less fancy shoes are around $30.

1970s Comeback In The Spring

This spring is going to be heavily influenced by the 1970s. Translation:  Big gold chandelier type earrings and big gold necklaces. According to Icing by Claire’s, tweens aren’t as in to shiny gold.

Tween And Teen Boy Accessories

I thought I might be in trouble when I asked the sales associate at Nordstrom’s Brass Rail what accessories tween and teen boys are buying. He looked at me like I had a third eye. The bottom line is that their accessories are minimal, if they even wear any at all.

  • Watches: If they even wear a watch, it’s probably a Nixon watch. Since these are expensive at around $100, Sun Diego suggested a similar Neff watch that is $30.
  • Beanies: Again, Neff beanies are super popular and around $18-$25.
  • Wallets: I picked up a $25 white leather-looking wallet at Sun Diego. I asked the young sales associate if these are popular. She sheepishly replied, “It takes a special kind of guy to pull that off…” Enough said. Stick with black, if you’re not sure.
  • Flip flops: Reef and, my personal favorite, Rainbows are popular. They range from $24 – $50.
  • Slippers: Can you believe that slippers are in? Older teens are wearing them to school. Get the ones with rubber soles, if you think your teen is going to be wearing them outside the house. The rubber soled slippers in the segment can be seen in the shoe photo above. They were on sale for around $12 at Target.

Everything I choose for the Promises2Kids KUSI segment ranged between $3 – $35. The idea is that if you’re buying some of these items for your kids, buy an extra for a child in need. You can find a business with a donation bin today and tomorrow. If not, it’s easy to head over to their office during business hours to drop off toys. Check their wish list. The kids also need board games and clothes.

Check the post I wrote yesterday about popular toy trends for kids ages 0 – 8 years old. And be sure to tell me what your tweens and teens are wearing!

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