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Easy Rainy Day Kids Craft: Holiday Marshmallows

BY La Jolla Mom

This kids craft is not genius, but if you happen to have the ingredients, you may buy yourself some sanity on a rainy day. My 3-year-old and I decorated holiday marshmallows in different ways with what we had available, and managed to have a lot of fun doing it. This project happened by accident, as we intended to do something else, but I grabbed from the pantry:

1. Large Marshmallows
2. Candy Melts
3. Green Mint Chocolate Chips
4. All of the holiday sprinkles I could find
5. Wilton Mini Ceramic Candy Melting Set (includes brushes which are key though you can buy separately)
6. Shredded coconut
7. Food Markers
8. Chocolate covered candy canes (available at Sprouts)

I initially thought she could dunk half the marshmallow in melted candy and then shake or roll the sprinkles on the top and sides. However, it takes more time and less coordination to just paint the marshmallows with the melted chocolate and candy melts. And time is what I was looking to kill.
After a while we decided to paint just the tops of the marshmallows so that we could use the sprinkles as “hair”. But like I said, we were killing time so sometimes the marshmallows wound up like this.
The green mint chocolate chips were easier to paint than the candy melts. However, my favorite combo was the Wilton candy cane melts (they taste a bit like white chocolate too) plus coconut for hair.
La Jolla Girl liked the other sprinkles. In this photo she’s got the marshmallow on a candy cane stick.
The chocolate covered candy canes.
Color faces on a chocolate covered candy cane stick to make a marshmallow pop…
Or, use the sticks to make snowmen. Take 1 marshmallow and push to the middle (roughly) of the stick. Put one on top and push through so stick is exposed on top (for the hat). Push the 3rd marshmallow on to the bottom. No need for the stick to be exposed on opposite end of the 3rd marshmallow. Get 2 gumdrops. Flatten one gumdrop to make hat brim. Push brim on top of the candy stick and then the other gumdrop on top. Decorate with food marker.
Or, maybe you just make a cute Christmas tree. That’s La Jolla Girl trying to put in a trunk she’s painted with a peanut butter candy melt. It looked better without it (don’t tell her).
I’m sure that you all could come up with better rainy day kids crafts. I posted this because, for me, sometimes it just takes someone to point out something basic and then a light bulb goes off. Plus, Christmas is coming, though you could just change the sprinkle and candy melt colors to make it appropriate for any holiday.

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