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6 Easy Olive Oil-Based Beauty Remedies You Can Make At Home

BY La Jolla Mom

Kids keep us on our toes and sometimes prevent us from hitting the spa or gym as frequently as we’d like. So, that leaves squeezing in a little “me time” at home. Rather than spend another dime on a mediocre hand cream, have a look in your pantry. Olive oil is a natural way to treat many beauty-related issues.

I started on an olive oil kick after a visit to my nail salon in La Jolla. I opted for a rare manicure in addition to my pedicure because I was showing items on TV the following day. Like other moms, I fight dry hands due to frequent hand washing. My therapist suggested that I warm up a little bit of olive oil in the microwave (just a few seconds) and rub it on my hands. The heat exacerbates absorption. This effective little remedy is inexpensive and, as a result, typing has become much more comfortable and my hands look better.

However, Scooby smells it on my hands and starts licking me like crazy, so I have to do it in moderation. Speaking of Scooby, olive oil is suppose to do wonders for dogs with flaky skin. So, what else does it do?

  1. Hand moisturizer:  As we discussed, a few drops of warm olive oil on your hands helps keep them moisturized. Use enough so that it absorbs without leaving hands shiny.
  2. Makeup remover: I don’t wear much makeup, but supposedly, a little olive oil on a cotton pad removes makeup as well as commercial brands.
  3. Deep penetrating moisturizer: Apply extra virgin olive oil to a damp face, as water helps cuts down the greasy feel. According to the book The Passionate Olive: 101 Things to Do with Olive Oil, adding a little Italian parsley and hot water (1 tsp each) to the olive oil (1 tbsp) provides an increased benefit.
  4. Exfoliant: Mix extra virgin olive oil with sea salt and use it as a moisturizing body scrub.
  5. Nail strengthener: Supposedly, if you rub warm olive oil on your nails and cuticles, the cuticles will become softer and healthier, resulting in stronger nails. Take some olive oil and buff it into the nails for added benefits.
  6. In the bath:  Drop some olive oil into the bath. Add a few drops of an essential oil for extra relaxation. The olive oil (you guessed it) helps moisturize your skin.

My problem is remembering to use olive oil. I just bought a salt scrub which is crazy because I can make it at home for a fraction of the price! Since you’re rubbing it all over your skin, make sure to use a high quality olive oil. Do you use olive oil for purposes other than cooking?

The Passionate Olive: 101 Things to Do with Olive Oil

*Photo credit: Flickr, USDAgov

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4 thoughts on “6 Easy Olive Oil-Based Beauty Remedies You Can Make At Home

  1. I’m a huge fan of olive oil (as well as grapeseed and apricot kernel oils too.)
    Get a fancy pump bottle — mine is in my favorite cobalt blue — that way it’s in the bathroom, and it’s not like you’re using cooking products on your face.
    I also like to add a drop or two of lavender essential oil to the mix.

    All the best,

    Nannette Eaton

      1. It’s a date!

        Grapeseed is a much lighter oil than olive oil with much of the same antioxident/anti-inflammatory properties.

        Not only am I the Queen of Infused Vodka, I’m a hippy-chick from Seattle who, when I put my game-face on makes some mean potions, salves, and lipbalms. Infusing calendula and chamomile into oils is very soothing.

        Peace out….

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