Tips on gardening to keep your plants healthy and your yard beautiful, whether you have a green thumb or not!
Plants that Purify Clean Indoor Air

Choose these commonly-found house plants that will help rid your home of toxins (and there are many we don’t think of).


This post sponsored by Central Garden and Pet addresses using chrysanthemum extract as pest control

HGTVGardens Indoor Shade House Plants Container Gardening

I found these gorgeous plants using the honestly helpful Plant Finder on HGTVGardens, sponsor of this post.

How To Grow Blueberries

Grow an edible garden with these tips from videos by Armstrong Garden Centers.

organic pest control

Keep your yard pesticide-free by using organic pest control remedies from your pantry.

Beautiful Succulent Bouquets

After the wedding, plant the succulents from the bouquet for a memento that can potentially last a lifetime.

Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Orchids

Simple hotel orchid arrangements you an easily replicate at home.

Snails and Beer Supplies

Host a party? Save the leftover beer for snail and slug traps.

Drip Irrigation

You don’t need to nag your gardener to fix or install your drip irrigation. It’s easy to teach yourself.

How to Kill Giant Horsetail

After battling Giant Horsetail (Equisetum) for several years using various methods, the only thing that killed it was SedgeHammer. See what else we tried.