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What not to put in a garbage disposal

My garbage disposal intelligence was a little rusty so I decided to look up other no no’s. Here’s what I learned.

Hanging Halloween decorations

Easy hanging Halloween decorations courtesy of Martha Stewart.

how to clean wine spills on carpet and other upholstery

Red wine spills happen in our house all of the time. Here’s a method of lifting the stain from carpet.

baking soda for household cleaning

Baking soda helped us clean sunscreen grease marks off of our wood cabinets. Here’s what else it can do.

gardening with kids: growing ared dinner plate dahlia

It might be luck, but even a little girl can grow a beautiful dahlia. It was quite a project, but it paid off.

gardening with dahlias in san diego

Dahlias grow extremely well in San Diego yards that receive enough sunlight. This plant of mine returns annually.