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Scooby at Kate Sessions Park

I asked an expert what I should be feeding my dog after his CCL tear and TPLO surgery and if diet could have prevented the tear.

Simple projects inspired by Sunset Magazine.

Get $1 off several favorite magazines like Sunset, InStyle and People in stores.

How to prepare for dog TPLO surgery for a torn ACL.

We got the call while in Athens on our summer family vacation. Our rescue dog, Scooby, was limping. I brushed it off because he has hurt himself before—being the clumsy and enthusiastic pitbull that he is. I took him to the vet. I thought there must be something wrong with his

Find out the latest pet trends for gear, food and more.

See the latest cool gadgets and pet food trends as seen by Petcurean at the industry’s largest trade show. Humanless fetch? Sign us up.

A review of Google Express Costco delivery service.

Get stores like Costco delivered next day or same day via Google Express delivery. I have a promo for free 6-month trial and $15 credit. Love the service.

San Diego County Fair's rows of food.

A review of AT&T’s GoPhone prepaid wireless service which is great for teens, travelers and daily life.

Review of Petco's grooming services

I was very pleased by how the stylist at Petco Grooming handled my nervous rescue dog. He loved it.

There are many benefits of dog parks for both owners and dogs.

Why dog parks are important to for communities, dog owners and especially rescue dogs.

This guy never goes hungry when I have his food on automatic delivery. #PetcoDelivers

Long story short, my rescued dog eats three meals per day. I had every intention of feeding him the recommended amount of dog food in only the morning and in the evening but my husband’s inability to handle these sad eyes staring him down at mid-day means that he now eats

Learn what kind of gear and toys work for our rescued (and slightly pampered) pitbull.

Sometimes, rescue dogs need a bit of extra comfort and attention. Here is the big dog gear including collars, toys and clothes that help our pitbull.

Now, your kids can write a letter to Santa and receive one back for free.

Download a personalized, witty letter from Santa including a personalized envelope that your kids will love.

These DIY Christmas tree preservative recipes will keep your tree looking fresh throughout the holiday season.

Vodka? Maybe not, but these other DIY Christmas tree preservatives should help.