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The DISH HopperGO is a pocket DVR that allows users to take their favorite shows on the road.

DISH enables families to watch favorite TV shows while traveling without taking up valuable device memory. Get these promos.

How to keep your iPhone safe at the beach.

Learn how to keep your iPhone safe from sand, water and sunlight at the beach, written in partnership with Tech21.

Send money between friends and family while traveling and dining out with CashApp.

Square Cash is the best app for paying back your friends and family while traveling to avoid separate checks and worrying about having cash on hand.

AT&T Drivemode auto-responded to texts while driving from San Diego to Beverly Hills.

Avoiding distracted driving is much easier than you think. I used the AT&T DriveMode app to help me through a 21-day challenge.

Try the new BeauByte app, a social community for people who love to share tips and shop for beauty products.

Get $5 for trying the new BeauByte app, a social community for people who love to share tips and shop for beauty products.

San Diego County Fair's rows of food.

A review of AT&T’s GoPhone prepaid wireless service which is great for teens, travelers and daily life.

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“Is that a Surface?” I asked my friend who had just pulled out a thin device way smaller than a laptop. It looked like a breeze to travel with and she had brought it along on our girls’ trip to Barcelona. Typing furiously on an external keyboard linked to the

I use the XY Find It beacon and app to track where my keys are. Love it.

From keys to kids and pets, XY Find It helps users track the location of what is valuable to them via an easy smartphone app.

#ImBornTo Travel Collection on eBay

Create a new eBay collection and they’ll donate $1 to March of Dimes. Share what you were born to do.

Bing Food and Drink App

Let technology sooth your nerves during the holidays. Download the Bing Food & Drink App for easy recipes, tips and inspirational blog posts.

American Express Bluebird

I’m mixed about using American Express Bluebird because it seems like a checking replacement. Here are pros and cons.