Sparkling wine is a must-have at a festive daytime party, such as a brunch, bridal shower, or a gathering of girlfriends. And, jazzing up the glass tends to impress guests because it shows that extra thought was put into the fun.

With that in mind, here are simple ways to garnish a champagne flute or coupe in minutes (or seconds, depending on which flourish you choose).

It doesn't take more than a few seconds to nicely garnish a champagne glass. Here's how to do it for your next party.

Simple Fruit

Dropping a simple raspberry, a spoonful of pomegranate seeds or perching a strawberry on the rim of the glass is by far the easiest garnish and a touch that guests always appreciate.


It's easy to garnish a champagne glass with herbs like rosemary and pomegranate seeds (perfect for the holidays) or even just a sprig of lavender.

This technique tends to look better in a coupe style of champagne glass. These simple garnishes will jazz up a champagne flute or coupe (as well as other cocktails) in seconds. Drop a few pomegranate seeds in and lean a sprig of rosemary on its side for a Christmas party. I’ve also seen a simple stem of flowering purple lavender slipped into champagne flutes.

Rock Candy

Sound crazy? It’s not (and even more of a reason to use a value champagne) and quite trendy with a glass of champagne these days. All you need to do is dunk rock candy on a stick into a glass of champagne. Rock candy also comes in a variety of colors.

Skewered and Sugared Fruit

It's easy to dip a cocktail stick full of fruit in sugar to freeze as a fun champagne glass garnish.

Find small skewers or cocktail picks that fit nicely on top or in the glassware of your choice. Add blueberries or another small fruit to it. Wet the skewered fruit and roll it into granulated sugar. Freeze until ready to serve and garnish on top of a glass. It’s so easy.

Citrus Peels

While a normal vegetable peeler will do as will a pairing knife, but the best gadget for a citrus peel twist is a special citrus stripper that you can find at a kitchen specialty store. Be sure to use organic citrus as pesticides can absorb into the peels.

When dressing up a champagne flute or coupe, using a sparkling wine that doesn’t break the bank usually makes more sense.

Tip: If mixing champagne with juice or another sweet mixer, it’s best to use a dry champagne.

How do you jazz up your champagne glass?

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