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How To Grow Blueberries And Plant An Herb Garden [VIDEO]

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I planned to write some sort of how-to post about gardening in celebration of the deal live on Plum District today for a discount at Armstrong Garden Center. Because I have bare spots in my yard that are on my to-tackle list, I decided to head over to the Armstrong Garden Center on Morena Blvd. in advance of the deal for inspiration and to see what’s new.

I noticed more helpful tips posted around the nursery as well as a few how-to videos and articles on their website. Therefore, I’ll just let them pass on the advice and then you can decide what to do with your awesome Plum District voucher.

How To Grow Your Own Blueberries

These blueberry plants are gorgeous in real life. They also carry a lifetime guarantee for those with brown thumbs. Not sure how to plant and keep them alive? This short video explains what kind of blueberries you should buy, soil requirements and how to care for the plants. Looks pretty simple, actually, unless you have a dog who eats fruit straight off the plant, like I do.

How To Plant An Herb Garden

Luckily, gorgeous herbs at Armstrong Gardens are pretty inexpensive at $3.99 each. Here’s a little video that covers not only planting herbs, which isn’t total rocket science, but where to cut them when you need them.

Other Plants I Want

I need more dahlias and this stunner is in full bloom. This zen mini palm and orchid arrangement is right up my alley. I wasn’t bold enough to take it out of the box (they were unpacking them) but it’s contemporary-cool and all the orchids on display right now are picture-perfect. I noticed a much larger variety of water-wise plants and succulents on offer. And, hello hydrangeas! This is the most gorgeous hydrangea plant I’ve ever seen in a nursery. It’s enormous in real life.

Armstrong Garden Centers are great at giving advice, in my experience, so take a photo of whatever area in your yard you’d like to work on and bring it to the store with you. Don’t forget, they have a rewards program, offer classes and have a lifetime guarantee on plants!

Are you sprucing up your yard for summer?

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