Ugg boots are the ultimate winter accessory. I have several pairs of ugg boots and every winter I struggle with how to keep them clean. This information is re-posted with permission from Whooga Uggs.

Ugg Boot Stain Removal

How do you clean ugg boots? Authentic merino leather is like a sponge, it will soak up just about anything. Unfortunately this means just about anything will stain your ugg boots. If you’re reading this page you’re probably already aware of that. It’s important to understand that for this reason there will be stains you can remove and stains best left to the professionals. Gentle techniques are often effective and quite easy. Harsher stains will require special attention, the chemicals and techniques required to remove stubborn stains will often cause permanent damage unless handled by a professional.

Simple Ugg Boot Stain Removal

This method might apply to water marks and light stains.

  1. Brush your ugg boots to remove any surface dirt and grime.
  2. With a damp cloth gently scrub over the entire ugg boot, including all the stained areas. Use the minimum amount of water and force possible.
  3. Stuff socks, newspaper or towels inside of your ugg boots so the shape appears normal. A damp boot left to dry without any stuffing may loose shape.
  4. Allow the boot to dry in a cool, dry place but out of direct sunlight. We need the boots to dry but not warm up too quickly. Warmed too quickly the boots will shrink and loose shape.
  5. After 24-48hrs the boots should be dry enough to wear.
  6. If the stains are still present you can try and repeat the process with a little more water and force. If it looks as if you haven’t made any difference to the stains consider professional cleaning.

How To Wear Ugg Boots

How many times have you seen ugg boot faux pas? Whooga says that balance is key. If you’re short, go with mini uggs. If you’re wearing black, go with black uggs. Ugg boots aren’t meant to be clunky and be the only thing people see on you. Wear them wisely and don’t be one of those people who give uggs a bad rep.

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  1. Ah! Winter in SoCal, time to break out the shearling boots, the Wine Harlot uniform with yoga pants (ok, not the most fashion-forward outfit, but very comfy!)

    Keeping the boots clean is a fools errand. I’ve had limited success with Scotchgarding the boots prior to wearing. But the best solution is to buy the darker colors, as much as I love my creme and pink Uggs, they don’t hold up so well with daily wearing. (And the wine stains, forgetaboutit!)

  2. Yes Harlot, it was indeed wine I was trying to scrub off the uggs. Wine Away does not help. Sigh. Now I own dark brown. I long for the pink ones though!