It’s hard to teach a kid how to tie shoes when most seem to have VELCRO or slip-on ability this days. Nordstrom actually has shoe tying classes about once a month. Great idea, but I keep forgetting to go.

Plus, who wants to practice tying shoes with her mother when, as I mentioned above, there’s no pressing need?

Enter the magic fingers shoe-tying technique. I stumbled upon this video and it pretty much solved our shoe-tying dilemma.

It took a few tries before she got the hang of it.

Magic Fingers Shoelace Tying Technique

This video from Zappos outlines three techniques, with magic fingers as the last 30 seconds or so.

1. Overlap the laces and pull to tighten, just like with any other technique.
2. Grab the laces with your pinky and ring fingers (see video).
3. Make an “L” with your thumb and index fingers.
4. Wrap one index finger and thumb under one lace and the other over the second lace
5. Cross and grab.

Like I said, watch the video and it will make sense. Enjoy!

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*Photo credit: istockphoto/kidslev

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