Written in partnership with Hum by Verizon. I’ve been driving around with my HumX activated for a while now during my 100 days of safer and more convenient driving. Truthfully, most of the time, I don’t even know it’s there.

That is, until I need it. Luckily, so far, I use it for simple things and not emergencies. I DO very much like having it. This review is from 2018. The app has since changed in appearance.

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So, What Is HumX Again?

The HumX speaker stays clipped to the visor.

Hum by Verizon is an easy-to-install connected car technology. It allows most cars that are model year 1996 and above to send diagnostics, driving habits, location information, and more to a smartphone app. Some of this information is also accessible via desktop.

And, while I thought my car was connected enough, the convenience provided by HumX makes driving a better overall experience.

Parents of teen drivers can particularly benefit from HumX because it’s possible to monitor the family’s driving via the app including keeping tabs on speed, hard turns, rapid accelerations and more. My daughter isn’t driving yet but I’d definitely use these features if she was.

Here’s what I do use most.

The App is Key

The app itself has a nice interface that is easy to swipe and tap around, which I do during downtime while waiting in line at the grocery store, killing time before a gym class starts or waiting for my daughter and her friends to wrap up whatever they’re doing at the beach.

You can unearth some interesting info every time that can make you a better driver.

It Reveals Driving Habits

Get ready to learn a little bit about your driving habits. The Hum app monitors how many times you took a sharp corner, hit the brakes a bit too hard or accelerated faster than usual. It will also show you where these events occurred on a map.

The information may be surprising. It does make me think back to what happened in these circumstances that made me want to slow down or speed up faster than what is considered to be safe.

Some of it is explainable. Maybe, hitting the brakes hard avoided a cat crossing the road. We have an onramp to the 52 freeway with a sharp curve that prevents early acceleration. The second the road straightens out, you have to punch it to reach the same speed as the flow of traffic.

At other times, it makes me think about slowing down. The app says that I often accelerate too quickly and there’s really no need for that.

Keep Better Track of the Car

I “lost” my car on this street in this exact spot not too long ago. It seems absurd, but it was a very hot, crowded summer day in La Jolla. I parked quickly and shot out of the car to try to photograph sunset a few blocks away and forgot where on this street I left it. I walked by it once, missed it, and panicked for a few seconds thinking it was stolen.

This street is normally really crowded.

The Hum app maintains a pinpoint location of the car’s location so I see where it’s currently parked on the app, which can be a timesaver.

WiFi for Up to 10 Devices!

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard, “Ugh, but there’s no WiFi…” Well, not anymore.

For me, this feature will be surprisingly helpful once school starts. When I’m driving my daughter to and from various activities, she can do her homework on a bigger screen because she’s connected.

I’m driving two kids to a slime (yes, you read that right) conference in a few weeks and they’re jazzed to watch and read slime tutorials along the way.

HumX handles up to 10 devices, though we’ve only needed to hook it to one or two at the most. You DO need Verizon data to enable the WiFi and WiFi is based on network availability. And, it only works for a minute or two after the car turns off as it’s powered by the car battery.

Driving History Report Makes Taxes Easier

I’m not sure I even mentioned Driving History as a feature in my first post. The version of the popular accounting software my accountant prefers doesn’t have a mileage tracker app, which drives me bananas.

HumX tracks drives taken and I mark which ones are business-related. HumX emails an exported copy of my driving history as a csv file on request. This is an incredibly handy feature for small business owners like me.

HumX App Review Verizon
Driving history and car health is easy to access.

Loads of Local Discounts

What HumX has also done is load the Entertainment Book into the app for local discounts.

Scroll the list, click on the discount and show it to the vendor.

Discounts provided by the Entertainment Book in San Diego are pretty robust actually, but you usually have to buy the book, as I have in the past. It’s a nice benefit of a HumX subscription.

Alright, How Much?

It depends on the Hum device you choose. In my opinion, the price is reasonable for what you get.

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