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Hum by Verizon is the easy-to-install device that I didn’t know I needed. The benefits to having an even more connected car are lengthy, especially during summer when we’re in the car taking road trips and chauffeuring kids around more than usual.

The two Hum by Verizon models (HumX andHum+) provide drivers with a connected car system that adds convenience and helps mitigate driving challenges.

You might be thinking, “I already have roadside assistance.” I thought the same thing. I just installed our HumX and already see how it fits into our lifestyle.

This is why Hum is valuable to anyone who has a car.

HumX Keep Tabs on the Family

There’s no question that this feature is something that would give me peace of mind when my daughter starts driving.

HumX lets you set a maximum speed and boundary area for your car, and sends you notifications when either is exceeded. So, you’ll be notified if family members (spouses and driving teens included) driving your vehicle exceed a set maximum speed. HumX also informs you if a family member drives too far out of a designated range.

If a family member driving your vehicle with Hum runs late because of traffic or misses a curfew, you can see where they are in near real time.

HumX Takes Care of Your Car

The OBD reader sends vehicle diagnostics to the Hum app (download from Google Play and the App Store) so that you can check your car’s health anywhere. If it finds issues, HumX can send an alert to your phone, including the DTC code to give to your mechanic.

If unsure about potential issues or recommended fixes, call the Hum Mechanics Hotline for advice.

This, to me, is one of the most important benefits. In addition to kids, I drive my four-legged child around, too, and worry about being rear-ended when he’s in the back.

Connected car families

Roadside and Crash Assistance

HumX knows your location and can send roadside assistance to it when a tire goes flat, or engine begins smoking. Just press the customer service button on your Hum Speaker, and HumX will ping your vehicle to determine its GPS location, and then contact a Signature Motor Club roadside assistance provider in your area. Users can also submit a roadside assistance request using the Hum App, or by calling Hum Customer Service.

When HumX detects a crash, it can send emergency services to your exact location. You can also use the Hum speaker to call for help.

No Worries If You Forget Your Phone (HumX Only)

Panic less when you accidentally leave your smartphone at home. You can take calls from anyone through HumX and make calls to three predesignated people using the speaker.

It Remembers Where Your Car Is

Forget where you parked at the mall? Take a peek at the app. GPS-powered Vehicle Location pinpoints precisely where your car is.

WiFi Hotspot for Up to 10 Devices (HumX Only)

How to install Hum X

This feature makes the kids in my car extremely happy—no more boring car rides, that’s for sure. When school starts this feature will even make it possible for kids to do homework (which is mostly online at our school) on an iPad or laptop in the car.

What Can’t Hum Do?

Hum can’t unlock your car so do remember the keys.

How to Set Up HumX

Hum devices are compatible with more than 150 million passenger vehicles 1996 and newer.

What's inside a Hum X box

My HumX arrived by mail. However, you can also purchase one at a Verizon store near you.

Three key pieces that speak to each other make up a HumX system:

  • A Bluetooth-enabled speaker
  • A little device to plug into your car’s OBD reader (usually under the dashboard near the steering wheel) and your smartphone loaded with the Hum app
  • Cigarette lighter adaptor and cord (for charging the speaker when on the go)

Installation goes more or less like this. 1) Charge the speaker and clip it to your visor. 2) Plug in the OBD reader. 3) Drive for at least 25 minutes to give the OBD reader time to learn about your car and send the data to the app.

You should be up and running. Otherwise, give customer service a call (I did, and they were super helpful).

I also recommend you take an extra few minutes to set up the WiFi hotspot and Bluetooth at the same time. This way you won’t have to refer back to the instructions.

I’ll Let You Know How It Goes

Stay tuned to find out how we like HumX as we drive around with it some more. I’m especially glad to have it during the summer when driving is a bit more hazardous in beach areas with a lot of people on bikes and out-of-state license plates looking at GPS.

Hum by Verizon released a survey in tandem with Wakefield Research that surveyed 1,000 U.S. drivers (ages 20 and older). It says drivers are a bit less careful during this busy season.

  • 80% of respondents think drivers are more likely to speed during the summer than any other season.
  • 61% of millennial drivers struggle to focus while driving during the summer, followed by 43% of Gen X and 22% of baby boomers—more than half (54%) of parents struggle with focus while driving.
  • One in five drivers (20%) has received at least one speeding ticket within the past five years, and millennials have the highest percentage, with almost two out of every five drivers (38%).

For 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day, parents of teens and summer drivers will be provided with smart tips to stay safer on the road this summer with helpful hints on You can also follow the #100SaferDays hashtag on social media.

Activation fee and equipment charges apply per device. Other taxes and fees may apply. New activations are subject to credit review. 2 yr. subscription may be required. ETF may apply. HumX is available via Verizon Wireless & req’d Verizon Wireless service plan. Verizon Wi-Fi available on select devices. Data usage applies. Coverage not available everywhere; see Pinpoint roadside assistance provided by Signature Motor Club, Inc., 4 events per year. Services may req’d GPS and/or network availability, not available in all locations. Not all incidents or problems will be detected. Compatible vehicle model restrictions apply. © 2018 Verizon.

What it's like to drive a more connected car with Hum by Verizon.
Why you need HumX for your next road trip.
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