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If Your Husband Puts Your Keys in a Pile of Super Glue, Here’s How You Get it Off

BY La Jolla Mom

Well, it’s not entirely clear who put the keys in the Super Glue but we struggled for a while trying to get it off.

I read that soapy water works but that did nothing for me. Then I read that acetone-based nail polish works. It does, except that it’s labor intensive and you need to scrape it off layer by later. I used a Q-tip to apply the nail polish remover and let it penetrate. Then I used my finger nail or a small needle to gently scrape it off. Be careful, the nail polish remover discolored the black plastic and too much scraping would have also ruined the key. In fact, I left a teeny bit of Super Glue on the key because I was too afraid to scrape further. The photo is of my key pre-nail polish remover.

I made the mistake of first using non-acetone based nail polish remover which was a big time waster.

Paint thinner was another recommendation, but I found the acetone nail polish remover did enough to make the key operable again, which is what is important. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of these new plastic keys that car makers have these days or how much it costs to replace them in case of total disaster.

Anyway, the reason why the Super Glue got on the key is that my husband was making a very cool spider Halloween decoration and was Super Glueing eyeballs onto balloons. He was doing it over a piece of paper on the kitchen island and somehow my keys wound up on top of it.

Follow up: After I wrote this post, it was featured on the Super Glue Corporation’s blog!

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5 thoughts on “If Your Husband Puts Your Keys in a Pile of Super Glue, Here’s How You Get it Off

  1. Great tips, I’ve been there with super glue ending up on unusual things. Always a result of the whole “at the time it seemed a good idea” thought process 😉
    .-= beth aka confusedhomemaker´s last blog ..=-.

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