She didn’t inherit it from me, but my daughter is excellent when it comes to accessorizing. One head-to-toe outfit gets more mileage than separates ever will. Over the last year, she’s become a loyal fan of Justice because they always seem to have hats, infinity scarves, handbags, shoes and other accessories that match cute clothing in season.

Her loyalty to the brand extends far beyond this. If there’s a girls’ birthday party, the gift must be from Justice. If she needs dancewear or volleyball gear, it’s one of the first places we go. Her friends all shop there, too, which makes “Twins Day” at school easy.

Parents will be glad to hear that back-t0-school season marks a transition to simpler pricing at Justice with the implementation of Style Buys where prices are too-good-to-be-true on everyday basics.

Our Justice catazine (catalog + magazine) arrived in the mail before our store visit, so she’d already made a mental note of several fall looks. However, in anticipation of our visit, our local Justice store at Westfield UTC pulled looks for that were completely accessorized from head-to-toe.

They nailed it.

A variety of fall looks for girls at Justice

In addition to back-to-school outfits on the rack specifically selected by theme, more fun awaited in the dressing room.

Several full outfits and accessories selected for my daughter at our local Justice store.

I’m pretty sure she would have been totally O.K. taking everything home. Forced by me to narrow her options, here are four of the many looks we loved.

Justice Outfit 1: Western-Themed Cuteness

This is my favorite outfit and I knew we were going to get it the second she tried it on. The entire thing is perfect for airplanes plus we’re going horseback riding in Colorado this weekend.

The plaid shirt, long tee, and soft jeggings are part of the new Justice Style Buys. The t-shirt suits her well because it’s long. We have trouble with t-shirts being too short or too baggy and this one is perfect for growing girls with long torsos.

The boots are just totally to-die-for (and a little bit of a splurge) but they do make the outfit so they came home with us.

justice denim plaid shirt style buy

Button Up Plaid Shirt

City Girl Graphic Long Tee

Denim Jeggings

Lace-Up Back Rider Boots

Western Fringe Cross Body Bag

Really Cute Bow Headband (find in-store)

Justice Outfit 2: Comfortable Activewear

Layering colored tank tops below tees was certainly a theme and easy to do for an extra pop of color. I think we’ll go back for the hat as I didn’t realize that it’s so reasonably-priced for how cute it is.

Activewear at Justice for girls that is part of their fall back-to-school clothing line.

Justice Positive Message Baseball Tee

Fitted Tank Top

Skinny Cuff Sweatpants

Embellished Varsity Jacket

Sequin Bow Cabbie Hat

Leopard Jogger Sneakers

Justice Outfit 3: Her Absolute Favorite

This outfit has been worn at least three times in the week she’s owned it. The scarf comes attached to the tee and it’s so, so cute.

My daughter's favorite outfit from the Justice back-to-school fall line of clothes for girls

Embellished Scarf 2fer

Pink Cami with Sequins

Lace Skirt with Built-in Shorts

Embellished Denim Vest

Shorty Embellished Strap Boots

Felt Floppy Hat

Justice Outfit 4: A Denim Dress I Would Wear

Seriously, this dress paired with these little booties and the hat is such a cute outfit. It would pair well with the brown boots above.

A denim dress with black booties from the back-to-school fall collection at Justice.

Denim Fit and Flare Dress

Shorty Embellished Strap Boots

Felt Floppy Hat

Justice Backpacks and Other School Gear

Backpacks, regardless of style, are $29. And, of course, they have matching lunchboxes, pencil pouches, water bottles and then some. After much deliberation, she picked the Multi Typography Rolling Backpack.

School backpacks at Justice right now are all $29.

The other thing that I noticed right off the bat is that the store is less cluttered and overwhelming, at least for me as a parent. It turns out that this is part of their move to simplify which I completely applaud.

A peek inside the Justice store at Westfield UTC mall in San Diego.

We left with the Western-themed outfit complete with headband and boots along with the black hat, denim jacket and skirt outfit that was her favorite. And, the outfit she wore into the store, including the volleyball headband, is from Justice, too.

The Justice store at Westfield UTC mall in San Diego

The favorite Justice outfit was a hit at science camp yesterday. I thought the hat would be too much but it was so sunny that in the end, I was grateful that she had it.

An outfit perfect for camp and school by Justice for girls

*This post is written in partnership with Justice but is another instance of where I’ve definitely put (lots of) my money where my mouth is. 

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  1. My daughter would love the Justice Outfit 2: Comfortable Activewear! She likes to dress more for comfort but she always likes to stay trendy.

  2. My daughter loves the Justice brand as well, so we’d love to win! My favorite outfit is definitely the second, with the denim hat. It looks adorable, I agree that you should grab that for her on your next visit.

  3. I love the look of outfit three. That is very much the same style of clothing my daughter likes to wear. She loves Justice.

  4. My daughter would love the comfortable activewear! She loves being comfortable above anything else. She is almost to the stage of “would this look good on me?” vs “do I feel good in this?” Justice would give her good choices on clothing!

  5. My daughter loves graphic tees! If it where up to her they’d be the only tops she’d wear. I know that the denim jacket would be one of her top picks too.

  6. Two of my girls would for sure say outfit # 3. Not sure about my other two (twins) since they are changing so much and starting to wear junior size clothing.

  7. My 7yo would look so cute in the denim dress. If it’s soft then she would wear it. If it’s more like jeans, then no way. I want to check out their backpacks. They look cute!

  8. My daughter loves Justice and would like the denim fit and flare dress to wear with her fave cowgirl boots.

  9. I think my daughter would like all the looks shown. I would love the denim dress for her, and for me, it’s so cute.

  10. My granddaughter would like the second outfit the most, she is getting ready to go back to school and she loves to shop at Justice.

  11. Justice is typically “too girly” for my daughter, who would rather shop at Hot Topic. However, I would probably find several accessories that she would like, such as the Scented Gummy Bear Bracelet or Tribal Print Scarf.

  12. The name you picked for it says it all lol, my little ones favorite would definitely be the Justice Outfit 3: Her Absolute Favorite

  13. My niece would definitely be more into the comfortable activewear. She’s really into dancing, anywhere and everywhere, lol. So she like to have clothes on that are easy to move in.