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Coffee Has Zero Calories?

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I‘m embarrassed to admit that I had no idea coffee is calorie-free. I found out because as a part of my Keurig Ambassador program, I was sent some iced coffees to try. I happen to really like the French Vanilla K-Cup© portion pack, but was wondering how many calories were in it since it’s flavored. I was feeling guilty about drinking it.

The answer is that both Green Mountain regular and flavored coffees have virtually zero calories. There are no carbohydrates in them either, because they don’t add sugars or sweeteners of any kind. And here’s what else I didn’t know:  Coffee is exempt from federal food labeling programs because it has zero nutritional value. The label would pretty much have a bunch of zeros on it: zero fat, zero protein, etc. However, coffee does contain some important trace minerals and though it has a teeny tiny bit of salt, most of the salt in your cup is coming from your water.

It’s what you put in your coffee that makes a difference. Green Mountain Coffee has a nutrition chart explaining what a tablespoon of cream, sugar, milk, etc. adds to your coffee. I use skim milk so I’m feeling pretty good about myself at the moment.

I just received a shipment of Tully’s K-Cup© portion packs and am quite partial to their French Roast. I looked at it online and it’s their most popular roast. It’s a bold coffee but it’s not bitter or too overpowering. Try it.

If you have a Keurig, feel free to stock up on any K-Cup© portion pack flavor that you like without worrying about calories. I also have a promo code for you!

Enjoy! I must say that with all of the travel writing I am doing lately, I really do miss my Keurig when I’m on the road.

*I am a Keurig Ambassador and received the mentioned Tully’s K-Cup© Portion Packs as a part of the program.

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6 thoughts on “Coffee Has Zero Calories?

  1. And with that, I will go enjoy another cup :).

    And what is this about iced coffees. I need to know more about that. If I could make great ones with my Keurig I think I could put Starbucks and McDonalds out of business with my repeated visits :).

    Thanks for the code, just sent that to hubby so he can re-order, supplies are looking a little thin.

    1. The iced coffees are great – I totally missed the memo on them too. Basically, you buy the iced coffee K-Cup portion packs. Get a big glass full (to the top) of ice and brew it on top like the regular coffees. Some of the ice melts, which is obviously ok because the K-Cup portion packs are made for it. Love the carmel and french vanilla!

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  3. I like how you said that it is a bold coffee but it’s not bitter or too overpowering. I have never had coffee in my life, but I know have heard great things about the k cups with the flavors. I might have to try this one when I try coffee!

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