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Having Trouble Getting Your Kids to Behave? Help Is Here.

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San Diego-based Kid Pointz is a site dedicated to helping parents tackle behavior issues with ease. I am impressed by the selection of free printables including reward charts, chore charts, potty training charts and more.

Kid Pointz also has an impressive advisory board that has written a number of articles about important parenting topics. I had the opportunity to ask Martin Goodman, founder of Kid Pointz, a few questions about why he started Kid Pointz, the benefits of using reward charts, and a little bit about his life in San Diego.

The obvious question:  What made you decide to start Kid Pointz?

It was really born out of chaos. When my wife and I married, we had a blended family with 4 kids close in age (9, 11,11,12). Everyone was used to doing things their own way, so we decided to have a “family meeting” and figure out the rules of the road for our new family.

We actually let the kids come up with the first set of behavior rules (with our help here and there), and then I came up with the idea of assigning points for each.

After a few weeks, my wife and I were amazed at the transformation. At one point we had kids competing to set the table, clear the dishes and take out the garbage in order to earn more points. I thought it would be great to share this with others and started creating what you now see as the Points System available on

What are the most popular topics and articles on Kid Pointz so far?

The most printed behavior charts are around routines for getting up in the morning and bedtime. As a close second to daily routines, in terms of most printed, are chore charts and reading charts. The most popular parenting articles are, not surprisingly, about how to use behavior and reward charts, as well as on topics such as sibling rivalry and positive parenting.

What is your favorite thing to do in San Diego with your family?

Right now it’s going to the Del Mar dog beach with our new rescue dog, Charlie. We adopted him about 6 months ago, and everyone loves running around with him. Another favorite thing is a “stay-cation” at Pacific Beach. We rent one of the beach cottages and just hang out for a San Diego weekend. We usually bike around the bay, go down to Belmont Park, ride the wave machine at the Wavehouse and BBQ with friends.

Do your kids have a favorite reward chart or other downloadable aid on the site?

Their favorite thing by far is the Points System web application. This is where parents can keep track of their kids’ points online. The kids each have their own log in and can review their progress. A demo video of how the Points System works is available on the site as well.

Why should parents try a behavior chart or rewards system?

It’s a great way to bring the family together in unexpected ways. At first it was just a clever way to get our kids to do what we wanted. But once we got started, it quickly became a new way to communicate with our kids. We had family meetings to talk about behaviors we wanted changed. The family meetings turned out to be fun and a great bonding time that the kids looked forward to.

Behavior charts have been around for a long time. It’s a tried and true method of using positive reinforcement to help kids build great habits. Kid Pointz offers hundreds of different charts to satisfy lots of kids’ interests, and our online Points System takes charts to the next level. Both approaches provide a fun, positive and meaningful way to interact with your kids and to reinforce good behaviors.

Our Kid Pointz Chart

We downloaded a dog-themed reward chart that we’ve decided to use for room cleaning. So far, it’s going well. The funny thing is that we have assigned points for each task, but haven’t designated an end prize for a certain amount of points. I’m sure she’ll figure it out soon.

Please share your experience with using behavior charts. You can also visit Kid Pointz for more information.

*This post was sponsored by Kid Pointz

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