Many of you, like me, might be struggling with what to do with your kids during spring break. I thought about creating my own fancy Peep flower arrangements, but then it occurred to me that my almost 5-year-old can just do it herself. I need to keep her busy while she’s out of school anyway.

You might have Easter candy already in the house, however, here’s a short grocery list:

Peeps (get plenty as they are the focal point, usually)
Jelly beans
Chocolate Easter eggs
Easter grass

Get out some vases, bowls or whatever containers you’re willing to let the kids use. Give them some guidance, but let them create their own Easter decorations. I have a board on Pinterest that’s dedicated to Peeps with ideas you can show them.

Peeps In Flower Arrangements

This is so incredibly easy if you have glass vases. Show your kids how to press the peeps on the side of the glass, put a glass or small container in the center to hold the flowers and water. If you have a tall vase, pastel candies look so cute below the Peeps.

Peeps Flower arrangements kids

Little chrysanthemums are very easy for kids to cut. She used her kid scissors or snapped them herself to be more or less the same length. This took a while (yay). I have a tutorial regarding how to easily arrange chrysanthemums, but basically she just tossed them in the cup. I helped her pull them up so they look more even.

Peeps On Sticks

I let her stick Peeps on the ends of plastic, rounded cocktail sticks. We did not have jelly beans, which I think would look nicer than the eggs.

Peeps on Stick

Despite my best efforts, she did mix in her leftover leprechaun coins from St. Patrick’s Day. It’s OK, she’s been busy all morning.

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    1. It is slightly frightening that as the Peeps sort of hang out around the house, if you bite into them, their texture doesn’t change at all. I am an occasional Peep eater.

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