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Pinterest: Easy Valentine’s Day Finds Kids Will Love

BY La Jolla Mom

This edition of Weekend Pinterest focuses on Valentine’s Day. These are very simple ideas that may be useful for your kid’s class Valentine’s Day party or just help make his or her day a little more special.

Heart-shaped Fruit

Bringing fruit to the school party? Or perhaps you want to spruce up your kid’s lunch? This is super easy with cookie cutters.


DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Cut out a bunch of same-sized hearts and punch a lollipop through. This is neat because if you leave the card on kids will like that the flower takes place of their mouths. I also saw a version of this using big lips and a mustache. It’s a very cute kids craft!


Valentine’s Day Pizza

Cut the pepperoni with a heart shaped cookie cutter and make pizza. You can also arrange round pepperoni in the shape of a heart in the middle of a cheese pizza.

Source: via La Jolla Mom on Pinterest


And, Of Course, Bacon

We did this and I forgot to take photos. It does work.

Check out my full Valentine’s Day Pinterest board and don’t forget about Homemade Valentine’s Day Conversation Hearts too (in the post photo above).

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