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Get Young Kids To Make Breakfast And Eat It Too

BY La Jolla Mom

When it becomes difficult to convince young kids to sit down and eat a healthy kids breakfast, sometimes having them make it themselves–sort of like a kids craft–works. This method has been helping us lately. She’s been eating self-made yogurt parfaits for breakfast and afternoon snacks.

I store the ingredients at her level so she can grab them on her own. I just get her the big glass (which is part of a set purchased at the Hotel Del Coronado, in case you’re curious) and let do it all herself. She loves it.

Kids Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Fruit: Berries, bananas, oranges or anything else you have on hand.
Crunchy Cereal: I find that Kashi Go Lean works well.
Yogurt: We have been using Stonyfield Vanilla.

Show your kids how to layer the ingredients. They may not do it, but my daughter treats this part a little bit like an art project. Then, let them eat it.

Healthy Kids Recipe Snacks
I also am trying to teach her to only make enough for her to eat. She made a giant one and abandoned it, so we’re working on this, but I think this is another important lesson, too.

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7 thoughts on “Get Young Kids To Make Breakfast And Eat It Too

  1. Hi,

    Its very good idea to Make Breakfast for kids in this busy schedule days. In this days nobody can care better their child so this post is very helpful for them who dose not have free time for their child and kids.


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