Tips for teaching kids simple tasks as well as anything related to supporting schools and education.
A review of "Word of Mouse" - a great book for Middle Grade (8-12) readers.

A review of Word of Mouse a new book for middle grade kids full of wise words to live by.

Accompany a toy with a contribution to a college savings account. It's easy.

ScholarShare makes it easy for friends and family members to contribute to a child’s 529 college savings account. Here’s how you do it.

Finding the right college for your child

An interview with an educational consultant about finding a college that fits your child as well as saving for college and financial aid.

How parents can help prepare young kids for college

Some experts believe that preparing young kids for college starts as early as the toddler years. See why.

ScholarShare Share Your Spirit_Image

ScholarShare, California’s 529 college savings plan, is giving away accounts filled with up to $2500 in honor of college savings mont

saving for college scholarshare 529

Learn what happens to your ScholarShare 529 college savings plan if your child decides not to go to college, gets a scholarship, and more.

schoola online marketplace kids clothes

Here is how you send gently-used kids’ clothes to Schoola and give your school 40% of the sale proceeds in cash.

shop online with schoola for kids clothes

Donate gently used clothing to Schoola and your school will earn 40% of sales. This marketplace is also full of discounted back-to-school clothing.

saving for college scholarshare 529

Using ScholarShare’s online calculator, parents can estimate how much college will cost for their kids.

scholarshare 529 college savings plan

To get the word out about the merits of 529 college savings plans, ScholarShare is giving away $2500.

teach kids to tie shoelaces on shoes

This magic fingers technique will have your kids tying shoes in a jiffy. Learn by watching this short video.

scholarshare 529 california college savings plan

There are many benefits to saving for college tuition using California’s 529 plan, Scholarshare (sponsors of this post).