Health & Safety

Health and safety tips, because as parents we always want to keep our kids healthy and safe.
Malnutrition in Kids

The Power of 5 Campaign distributes important micronutrient supplements via NGOs in countries of greatest need with UN support.

Shopping at tobacco-free retailers minimizes your child's exposure to cigarettes.

Now, there are ways to limit your child’s exposure to tobacco products, but it’s still important for parents talk about dangers of smoking.

Tips for how to detangle your child's hair with no tears.

These two tools work quickly for detangling a child’s hair (or yours) without tears.

uv sun safety for kids

Learn how to help kids build good UV sun safety habits to last a lifetime.

Puddle Jumper Life Jacket

This post sponsored by BabyCenter discusses the water safety along with the popular Puddle Jumper life jacket.

Dora the Explorer Dentist Book

Let Dora the Explorer ease your child’s (and other dental patients’) fear of the X-ray machine.

Waterproof Cast Cover

With this cast cover, my daughter was able to swim for short periods of time. Worth it.

immune boosting foods for kids

Help keep kids from catching colds at school by adding more of these foods to their diet.

Broken Wrist

If your child breaks a bone in the evening or on a weekend when your doctor is not available, here’s what we did. Keep this number in your phone.

How to Use a Family Media Agreement for Online Safety

Making sure the entire family is on the same page helps keep kids safe online and prevents overuse of devices.

Strawberry on stick

Healthy snacks became easier for my preschooler to eat when I put more effort into making them fun. I’ve included simple, inexpensive snack ideas.

whooping cough epidemic california

After my vaccinated daughter was exposed to whooping cough (pertussis), currently on the rise again in CA, I was unprepared for what was to come.