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La Jollan Spotlight: Rachel Zinny, Founder of dearjohnnies – The (Get) Better Hospital Gown

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I will rave on and on about giving birth to my daughter in Hong Kong to basically anyone that will listen.  The hospital was more like a hotel than a hospital with amazing food and a kind staff. The one thing I didn’t have was a nice hospital gown. In fact, I had the stereotypical ugly, bare-it-all kind.

Former La Jollan, Rachel Zinny, saw a need for personal hospital gowns that people could feel comfortable wearing after the birth of her first child. While pregnant with her second child, she actioned her idea which was met with great success. The orders starting pouring in. The benefits of dearjohnnies are numerous. You can purchase a gown that is your size, not a generic size. If you need to get up and walk around, you’re not subject to the kind of “exposure” that a standard hospital gown provides. If someone comes to visit, think about how much cuter you’ll look in a dearjohnnies gown especially if photos are to be taken. dearjohnnies are for women to wear in all sorts of medical situations be it giving birth, chemotherapy, surgery, skilled nursing, or at home recovery. They also have robes and very cute gowns for kids.

lexiebckdtailGowns are made of 100% cotton prints, trimmed with grosgrain ribbon while the robes and swaddle blankets are made of cozy, yet lightweight, 100% cotton flannel. They are trimmed with fabric from the Wellesley Collection. Monogramming is available on every piece.  As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  dearjohnnies donates 10% of proceeds from every Lucy gown sold to Breast Cancer Research.

Rachel moved to La Jolla Shores when she was 6 years old and eventually attended La Jolla High School.  To this day she loves being at the beach because of her time in La Jolla. Now her beach is Nantucket, where she vacations regularly with her husband and three daughters convenient to their home in Wellesley, Mass. Rachel still loves warm weather and dearly misses the Mexican food from her youth in La Jolla!

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