Written in partnership with Albertsons Companies. School is back in session which means keeping a stash of fun and healthy after-school snacks on hand at all times is a must. We live near two VONS stores so it’s often O Organics®, USDA certified organic products, that we turn to. They have a few new offerings kids (and you) will love.

New O Organics options for after school snacks

For years, I’ve been shaping fruit and veg into animals and other lifelike things in order to make better-for-you options a little more attractive. It does work so it’s something I still take a little extra time to do if I have the ingredients on-hand.

Hence, ladybug tomato crackers combined with the other easy options pictured above that can be assembled or eaten within a few minutes of walking in the door.

My daughter and her friends are ravenous by the time they get home from school. My theory is that since they use lunch as a time to catch up with their friends, they’re often not focused on eating. After school snacks need to be substantial.

Ladybug Tomato Cracker Recipe

If your kids can cut a small tomato in half with a knife, they can totally make these. The Mediterranean-style ingredients make them taste like a mini bruschetta. They’re really good.

Grape tomato ladybug recipe

I like to use grape tomatoes for this as they’re less juicy. Cut the grape tomato in half, and then cut each half in half again to quarter the grape tomato.

Cut a small olive in half. Take two one-inch chive slices and stick them into the ends of the olive to great the ladybug’s head and antennae.

Spread O Organics hummus on to an O Organics Pita Cracker or O Organics Classic Round Crackers. Since I chose hummus as the spread, I thought pita would be a nice compliment. You could also use a mozzarella slice instead of hummus.

Position two tomato quarters on the cracker-like ladybug wings. Attach the olive and chive as a head and antennae (push the chives into the hummus in order to secure them).

Use a brush or your fingers to dab a little olive oil on the sides of the tomato. With dry fingers, sprinkle on some black sesame seeds. Use a toothpick to position the sesame seeds and flick off stray ones, if you like.

That’s it. And, they are truly delicious. Eat them while fresh.

After School Snacks: Ladybug Tomato Crackers

After School Snacks: Ladybug Tomato Crackers

Make a few or a few dozen, depending on how many people you need to feed. The middle school kids in my life eat about three each after school.


  • 1 package of O Organic grape tomatoes
  • 1 can of small Signature Select whole olives
  • 1 package of O Organics pita crackers
  • 1 tub of O Organics hummus
  • chives (cut in 1-inch strips)
  • black sesame seeds


  1. Cut grape tomatoes into quarters.
  2. Cut the olives in half.
  3. Place two chives into one end of the olive (the smaller opening works best) as antennae.
  4. Spread a dollop of hummus on a pita cracker.
  5. Place two grape tomato quarters on top of the hummus positioned like wings.
  6. Secure the olive half with chives next to the tomato positioned like a head.
  7. Dab olive oil on the tomato.
  8. Sprinkle a pinch of black sesame seeds on top.
  9. Position black sesame seeds with a toothpick and serve.


Kids who can cut a small tomato can easily make ladybug tomatoes themselves.

Serve tomato ladybugs their own or with some other quick snacks like O Organics Sailor’s Loot white cheddar baked corn and rice puffs, Cheddar Lions, and a veggie tray (thanks to O Organics, I bought everything but the celery pre-cut).

Speaking of veggies, the kids strongly prefer and ask for by name, O Organics carrot chips. They’re thin and easier for kids with orthodontia to eat. I also love the individual milks to pair with O Organics Crème Sandwich Cookies.

O Organics cookies and milk.

The O Organics line offers USDA certified organic products for creating delicious, healthy and affordable snacks that everyone will enjoy. O Organics products are available in my area exclusively at my local Albertsons and Vons stores. You can also find them at all of the Albertsons Companies family of stores, including Safeway, ACME Markets, Jewel-Osco, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Shaw’s, Star Market and Carrs/Safeway. Visit Vons.com to find a store near you and discover more meal prep tips and recipe ideas.

After school snacks: Ladybug crackers with grape tomatoes, hummus and pita crackers by O Organics.

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