Food and Drink

We love food, and (to the dismay of my family) I love taking photos of it. I wish I could bake more than Doordash lately but running a business and a kid in elite sports will make that tough! So, you won’t find complicated recipes here!

This category has some older recipes that I’ve tried and loved (and maybe not photographed all that well) and some I keep for my own future reference. There are also iconic recipes from places and local restaurants that you may enjoy.

And if there’s a food that’s helped me or that I think is interesting, there’s probably an article about it. Expect some party, holiday food, and simple kids’ snacks.

Learn everything you want to know about eating Chinese hot pot including how to make it at home.

It’s not just about Recipes

Because if we like something food-related or find it helpful, you might, too.

Cultural Eats

Here’s where I share things like the Asian fruits that I miss from living in Hong Kong and hot pot tips. You can also learn about Japanese New Year food or even get the Jamaica Tourism Board’s recipe for jerk chicken.

Tips & Tricks

I really enjoy making things like charcuterie boards with whatever is in the pantry. But I drink lemon water religiously and have researched why that’s helpful and also looked into easy drinks like cucumber water and turmeric lemon water. So, these posts live here, too, because if I find the knowledge helpful maybe you will.

Recipes from San Diego Restaurants

There are iconic dishes like Coast Toast (pictured here) from local restaurants that share. Sometimes, it’s cocktails. Or maybe you want to try the chocolate chip cookie recipe from the USS Midway or Rubio’s guacamole. This is a fun section I’m looking to build upon so if you’re a San Diego chef or restaurant send me your recipes.

Food & Gadgets that Kids Like

I’m half Japanese, so love making bento boxes (this is a list of bento boxes I like). When my daughter was younger, we’d make all sorts of animal-shaped snacks like spider crackers, crazy face sandwiches, and other random cute foods.



Food and Drink