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Marigolds and sugar skulls on a Dia de los Muertos altar

It’s thought they guide spirits of the dead back to altars created by the living.

Californians may need new CO alarms this year

It’s been seven years since California Senate Bill 183 passed which means that Californians who installed CO alarms then, may need to change them this year.

Hum by Verizon review

Driving around with Hum by Verizon (I have the HumX model) has been unexpectedly convenient and fun. Here’s why you need a more connected car.

Best outdoor games for the backyard

Find out which best outdoor games to buy for the most fun backyard ever that will delight kids and be the envy of your neighbors.

Switch to DISH Network

Why switching to DISH was an excellent decision and a special offer should you want to do the same.

How to make a succulent bouquet for a vase or wedding.

After the wedding, plant the succulents from the bouquet for a memento that can potentially last a lifetime.

Freshpet dog food review

Freshpet is an easy way to feed your dog fresh food, prepared with who ingredients in the U.S.A to retain maximum nutrients.

Tender & True is the perfect pet superfood.

See why Tender & True is the best pet superfood for your dog. Feeding our dog food that meets the same standards as ours has helped his allergies.

Hands-Free TV is possible (and awesome) with the DISH and Amazon Alexa integration.

After years of indecision, we switched to DISH. Its Hands-Free TV™ made possible with Amazon Eco Dot is one of our favorite benefits.

Learn tips for how to keep a dog healthy, including what to know about dog food.

A popular question I receive is how Scooby is doing after his leg surgery. Here’s the answer and what we’re doing for him.

A list of fun toddler Halloween party game and activities that are easy and inexpensive.

Try these toddler Halloween games and activities at your next play date or party. Each is simple and inexpensive to create.

Barkbox Destroyer's Club has dog toys for every type of destroyer.

If your dog destroys toys, he or she needs a BarkBox Destroyer’s Club membership stat.