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A long list of funny knock knock jokes for young kids

Arm yourself with these clean and funny knock knock jokes for kids as young preschool (all ages will enjoy them). More from readers are in the comments and a FREE download.

Find the best gifts for tween girls from books to crafting supplies.

Find the best holiday gifts for tweens to encourage her to dream, do, create, and live her best life from a new book series to creative crafting ideas.

Go back-to-school shopping at Kohl's in San Diego

Go back-to-school shopping for kids’ clothes and uniforms at Kohl’s with these discounts and promo codes, including a friends and family sale.

A review of "Word of Mouse" - a great book for Middle Grade (8-12) readers.

A review of Word of Mouse a new book for middle grade kids full of wise words to live by.

A list of the best travel games for kids that we use and love.

These best travel games for kids will keep them entertained on road trips, planes and in hotel rooms. Adults love playing them, too.

It’s been a busy, short summer and I admit that we haven’t even started back-to-school shopping yet. And, my 9-year-old starts school tomorrow, fresh of the plane from Grand Cayman. But, the truth is that in casual San Diego, hitting the mall or the internet a bit late is O.K.

Cute Kids Yoga Mats

Turn your kids into little yogis with these fantastic mats, books, DVDs and more.

Learn how kids from 18 months on up to adulthood benefit from kick scooters.

Kick scooters have a number of benefits for kids of almost all ages. From honing motor skills to fostering creativity see why they make perfect gifts.

Clean out your closets and let the unworn clothes raise money for your child's school or the Malala fund through Schoola.

Clean out your closets and let the unworn clothes raise money for your child’s school or the Malala fund through Schoola.

micro kickboard scooter giveaway

I stand by my recommendation that travel scooters are great to bring on urban vacations. Win the best one on the market here.

patpat app shopping

PatPat is a new app geared toward moms and babies that offers discounts of up to 90% off quality products.

Four looks from the Justice back-to-school clothing for girls

She didn’t inherit it from me, but my daughter is excellent when it comes to accessorizing. One head-to-toe outfit gets more mileage than separates ever will. Over the last year, she’s become a loyal fan of Justice because they always seem to have hats, infinity scarves, handbags, shoes and other accessories