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Tips and reviews on the best toys, apps, and gear for kids (and you).
Travel gear: Scooters for kids

A travel scooter for kids cuts down walking time that could otherwise make them fussy. We love this one.

schoola online marketplace kids clothes

Here is how you send gently-used kids’ clothes to Schoola and give your school 40% of the sale proceeds in cash.

shop online with schoola for kids clothes

Donate gently used clothing to Schoola and your school will earn 40% of sales. This marketplace is also full of discounted back-to-school clothing.

kids fashion travel paris

Get your daughter motivated for a family vacation in Paris with this adorable outfit from J.Crew.

7am enfant voyage bag giveaway

See why 7am Enfant is the baby gear choice of celebrity parents. Enter to win a Voyage Bag!

The LEGO Movie Press Junket

I sat down one-on-one with The LEGO Movie cast members at LEGOLAND. The finished product aired nationally on CBS’s The Insider!

stocking stuffer holiday gifts for kids

Here are 9 inexpensive small gift ideas for stockings, classmates or favors to pass out at a holiday party.

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

The Boogie Board is perfect for take-off and landing when other electronics have to be turned off. Hangman, anyone?

Jlab headphones

My jet setter seems to like these headphones best of all the ones we’ve tried while flying and during road trips.

Teen and Tween Accessory Trends

If you’re looking for something small to give the tween or teen in your life, consider the teen accessory trends. Here is what’s popular with boys and girls right now.

Best Tray for Bugaboo: Tray Vous

Honestly, I would have bought a Tray Vous back when we needed to use our Bugaboo. It’s awesome.