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As I’ve said before, if staple wardrobe colors include white, black or denim, a handful of pieces from the Lisa Bridge Collection will look fantastic with all three. In addition to lapis lazuli, as I mentioned in a previous post, smoky quartz and turquoise are two other excellent options.

I tend to wear a lot of black when I travel as it hides inflight spills, transitions nicely from day to evening and mixes well with other items. I often think I need to add color or a little pizazz to it though with accessories. I prefer to do this with real metal and gemstones that are simple in style as well as easy to wear over and over again.

And, I just love that this is a travel-inspired jewelry collection.

Powerful Smoky Quartz and Labradorite

Smoky quartz and labradorite pair well together in the Lisa Bridge Collection of jewelry

Smoky quartz, shown in the stackable Smoky Quartz Station Bangle Bracelet in Sterling Silver, is a beautiful translucent brown gemstone that pairs well with the hints of grey, brown, black and even a little bit of blue and green in the Hexagonal Labradorite and Diamond Ring.

Smoky quartz is known as the stone of power and helps to neutralize negative energy. It’s thought to alleviate emotional and environmental stress. Labradorite is considered an excellent stone for general protection and even thought to heal various ailments. And who doesn’t need all of that in their lives?

I sure did when waiting for a late flight connection in an airport lounge after a fabulous vacation.

Wearing Lisa Bridge Collection in the airport lounge.

I was impressed by what a difference a few bangles and a killer ring made to my standard airplane outfit. My goal with these posts is to keep it real and I totally wore this outfit onboard.

Also pictured is the Twist Bangle Bracelet in Sterling Silver and the clear Quartz Station Bangle Bracelet. I pretty much wear these two bracelets with everything.

It is easy to accessories black with the Lisa Bridge Collection of gorgeous jewelry.

The bracelets and ring also complimented a conservative black dress I wore to the grand opening of a local hospital here in La Jolla (pictured above).

Historic Turquoise with Black

Did you know that turquoise is one of the oldest stones recorded in history? It is one of my favorite colors.


Have a basic black dress? All you need is this Turquoise & Black Sapphire Necklace, inspired by travels to Peru, and you’re good to go. Add in a few stackable bangles like ones mentioned above as well as the Wave Bangle if you like.

Accessorize a basic black dress with turquoise from the Lisa Bridge Collection of jewelry.

Turquoise is another gemstone that symbolizes power and once frequently worn by warriors. It’s thought today to assist with relaxation, avoiding bad decisions, and is fantastic for travel. Why the latter? It protects possessions from loss or theft in addition to accidents while on the road. Love it!

Where to Buy the Lisa Bridge Collection


Lisa Bridge Collection exclusively at Ben Bridge Jeweler. If you live in San Diego, there is a Ben Bridge Jeweler in the Westfield UTC mall. Lisa Bridge is a certified gemologist and a fifth-generation Bridge. This new line of jewelry with real metals and gemstones has the flexibility that today’s busy woman needs.

If you’re not comfortable wearing a lot of jewelry, this is a great line for you. Opt for a delicate bangle (or three), perhaps a statement ring and/or a necklace that pairs well with the main colors in your wardrobe.

You can always add more later. I plan to.

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See how easy it is to accessorize black with travel inspired jewelry with real metal and gemstones from Lisa Bridge Collection.
See how easy it is to accessorize black with travel inspired jewelry with real metal and gemstones from Lisa Bridge Collection.

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