Luxury Hotel Bookings

Room service breakfast with a harbour view at Four Seasons Hong Kong


You could book your next hotel stay yourself, but when you’re looking for luxury accommodations, it makes sense to book with an agent. That’s because when you book with a luxury hotel agent, a world of first-class hotel amenities opens up to you.

You’ll pay the same base rate you’d pay booking yourself, but get valuable add-ons like complimentary breakfasts, food and beverage credits, room upgrades, spa credits, and more. And because you booked with a luxury agent, you’ll get VIP treatment throughout your stay.

If there’s an issue with your reservation or your room, your concerns will be addressed quickly. If you need the assistance of any kind, the staff at your hotel will be prompt to provide it.

Book Luxury Hotels With Me & Get VIP Upgrades

Because I am an Independent Affiliate of Cadence® Travel and a Virtuoso® specialist, I can help you book a luxury hotel package with specialty comforts and extras you wouldn’t be able to access on your own.

Luxury hotels with VIP amenities

Here’s how you can work with me:

  1. First, decide where you want to stay. Believe me, I know that this isn’t always an easy process. If you’re visiting my part of the world, for instance, you’ll have to decide which San Diego neighborhood you’d like to use as your home base. Think about what you want your vacation to look and feel like. Would you rather stay in a nicer hotel and drive to the beach? Or have you been dreaming of luxury beachfront accommodations? Is this a family trip? Do you want to surprise your kids with a stay in the hotel right in the amusement park? Are you looking for the ultimate in privacy and relaxation? Or a hotel with lots of activities?
  2. Now do some research to identify one or two hotels that will give you the location, amenities, and the experience you want in your price range. Look into room rates for the dates you’ll be traveling. In most cases, you can find that information on my Virtuoso page.
  3. Then book your hotel through my Virtuoso page or, if you don’t see the hotel you want to book there, contact me directly through one of the applicable forms below:

When you book a luxury hotel in San Diego, you’ll get an additional perk: exclusive information and travel tips that will help you plan a picture-perfect getaway. That applies whether you’re traveling alone or with friends, planning a romantic getaway, or booking a family vacation.

Why Book a Luxury Hotel

A lot of people think of a hotel is just a place to sleep after a day of seeing the sights. The reality is that most of us will spend more time at our hotels than we anticipate, and luxury hotels have distinct advantages that go beyond ultra high-quality sheets and better meals.

If you haven’t stayed in a luxury hotel before, you may be surprised at how different your stay is when you’re cared for by an alert and attentive staff that really cares about making your experience an amazing one.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Luxury Hotel

The easiest way to ensure that your getaway is exactly what you want it to be is to pick the right property.

Top-notch service will mean different things to different people. Decide what it means to you before choosing a luxury hotel. Each hotel will have its own unique approach to service. Do you want to be welcomed like a friend, called by your first name, and checked in on frequently?

Or would you prefer to stay somewhere with a formal atmosphere where the staff is deferential and the service is as invisible as it is impeccable? Reading luxury hotel reviews will help you get a sense of how various hotels treat their guests.

Another way to guarantee that your stay is nothing short of amazing is to book with an agent. As noted above, you’ll be flagged as a VIP when you book with me and you’ll automatically get a higher class of service as a result.

You can also get in touch with the hotel after booking to ask for what you need — or even what you want. Are you looking for tours? Do you need certain amenities for your children? Is your vacation part of a birthday, anniversary, or honeymoon celebration? The concierge at the property will be able to help you get whatever you’ll need to make your stay an amazing one. They may even surprise you with unexpected extras!

Feel Free to Get in Touch

I’d love to hear from you if you regularly stay in five-star hotels, but need a trusted second opinion on your luxury hotel choice and access to VIP amenities that you wouldn’t otherwise have. Also get in touch if you’re coming to San Diego and need help booking luxury hotels on this list that can’t be booked through my Virtuoso page. Email me at