It’s clear that we’ve been missing out as we hadn’t heard of Matilda Jane Clothing until recently. Since they sent my daughter the above “confident and cool” top and matching floral pants, she has worn the outfit almost every day.

In fact, I just ordered her the next size up, because she’s growing like a weed and I want to be prepared.

But Matilda Jane Clothing is really more than about fun-yet-comfortable clothing for babies, girls, and women. The company also provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to own their own home-based business and gives back in spades to those who are less fortunate.

A girls dress by Matilda Jane Clothing

One note about the clothes before I get into more about opportunities with the company… I like them for my daughter because she’s tall for an 8-year-old and wears a size 10 or 12. She will always wear clothes that are designed for older kids. 

Matilda Jane’s fun, whimsical clothes are both cute and age-appropriate. I don’t have to worry about her browsing the site and choosing shorts that are too short or wanting things that are too mature for her age. The above dress was specifically selected by her because we’re headed to Maui soon and the cotton is so, so soft.

How Matilda Jane Clothing Works

In 2005, Matilda Jane Clothing’s founder Denise DeMarchis started what she called an “unpredictable clothing company” and began selling at art fairs across the Midwest.

As an artist herself, she strove to keep the spirit of art fairs alive by moving the business to a direct sales model with an emphasis on building personal relationships. A new line of clothing is introduced twice a year in the spring and fall.

Matilda Jane pieces are sold through independent personal stylists called Trunk Keepers who are there to help women and girls look and feel their best. Matilda Jane considers their Trunk Keepers family as they maintain the same core values as the company itself.

And, Matilda Jane devotees rely on Trunk Keepers both for orders and advice for things like how to mix and match the vibrant patterns Matilda Jane is known for.

Matilda Jane Clothing for girls is sold through Trunk Keepers.

The widespread success of Matilda Jane Clothing and dedication of Trunk Keepers enables the company to give back to local communities as well as those across the ocean. You can read about their various projects on the Matilda Jane blog.

They’ve worked with Habitat for Humanity to build an entire subdivision in Fort Wayne, IN (where Matilda Jane is based) for families in need. Kids in the Changing the Face of Beauty campaign are also recent beneficiaries of Matilda Jane’s generosity. The list goes on (and on).

I personally like knowing that my Matilda Jane purchases support a local small business owner and that the greater company as a whole is generous with donating time and funds to various charities.

You Can Become a Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper

Trunk Keepers are entrepreneurs and owners of their own boutique business, be it part-time or full-time. Since it’s home-based, there is tremendous flexibility and unlimited earning potential.

Matilda Jane Clothing is now accepting new Trunk Keeper applications for the fall season! If you’ve ever thought of opening your own boutique or working one-on-one with customers as a personal stylist but have held back because of the difficult retail hours or the start-up costs of a brick and mortar store, learn more about the Matilda Jane Clothing Trunk Keeper program.

For example, there are only a handful of Trunk Keepers in San Diego so this could be an incredible opportunity.

Earn Perks by Hosting a Trunk Show

For those who are not Trunk Keepers, the best way to load up on Matilda Jane Clothing is by hosting a Trunk Show. It’s the only way you and your guests can browse, touch and feel the clothes in advance of purchasing and it’s fun. Your local Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper provides support in the way of invitations and advice for a successful turnout. What a fun way to gather moms and their kids together for a private shopping event in your own home!

Our order from Matilda Jane Clothing came packaged with flourish. So cute.

Those who can’t attend a trunk show or would like to browse online can do so. And, how cute is it that our clothes arrived bundled with such care and flourish?

Remember to consider Matilda Jane Clothing for back-to-school shopping season, too!

We love Matilda Jane Clothing for some many reasons. And, they're looking for fall Trunk Keepers (stylists), an awesome home-based business opportunity for entrepreneurs!

*This post is brought to you by Matilda Jane Clothing and I’m so grateful because it made me aware of their clothes and goodwill.

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  1. I love this – my 9 year old is not quite as tall but I have noticed the same thing – that clothes are sometimes too mature for her age (even at size 8 / 9 !) – these are sweet! I will check out their site!

  2. Oh these clothes look so cute for this age! I have never heard of them before. I’ll keep my eyes out for someone hosting a trunk show.

  3. Hi! I’m hoping you might be able to help give me some direction regarding MJ and how a person would get started as a trunk keeper. I realize that this post is over a year old now, so I’m hoping that it will still be a good place to start. I’ve been searching everything I can think of to find more information lately, and it’s like trying to find directions to the Holy Grail out there haha! I’ve had a few experiences with the clothing myself, but have never been to a trunk show as there are literally ZERO Janes or Keepers in my area! I’m in Northern MN, and I KNOW that Matilda Jane would be a smash hit here. The market is totally saturated with direct sales marketing, tons of Jamberry, Young Living, and most recently a huge interest in Lularoe- which was kind of my catalyst in thinking that folks would definitely be ready for MJ- they are paying large price tags for direct sale clothing that is not even close to the quality or style that Matilda Jane offers. I SO want to get my foot in the door and be the person to introduce this awesome brand to my area…. But I can not for the life of me figure out how to even contact a real person, much less find info on what it would actually take to become a Trunk Keeper (what is the start up cost? How does the sales process actually work, what does a successful Trunk Keeper actually expect to be paid? Etc etc…) I’ve filled out everything I can find on the main website, but there isn’t anything I can find that would enable me to contact anyone, and everything I’ve filled out has been via their site, so there’s no way for me to follow up and find out if things have been received or to attempt to expedite the process.
    This blog has been the most informative of any I’ve found, which is why I figured it might not hurt to give leaving a comment here a whirl lol! So, if you or anyone out there reading this might be able to help point me in the right direction, or even just give me a little more info, I would sure appreciate it!! Thanks so much!!

    1. Hi Kate,
      I’m also trying to get some info on the start up cost, procedures/regulations, and earning potential. Did you find out anything? Did you join? Thanks!

    2. I am not finding any information as well.
      I see this post is from awhile back, but did you ever end up becoming a trunk keeper or even finding information?

  4. I just became an I dependent trunk keeper! I love the soft, whimsical, & unique patterns each piece of Matilda Jane Clothing has and I love that MJ gives back to the community. I am excited to start my mompreneuer adventure and hope I can host Trunk shows and pop ups as well as online shows soon!

  5. Hello I just read ur article about trunk keepers. I am so excited to hear about this. I am a mother of 6 children 3 boys abs 3 girls however 4 of my children’s have flown the coop. We have successfully trained them to be productive adults 🙂 we still have 2 at home. I have put my career on the back burner 16 years and I did open a boutique back in 16 and was very successful until my father became sick and I chose to take care of my dad. So i was looking up where MJs clothing was made and found this info. I hope I can be one of your trunk keepers. Where I live not too many people have heard of Matilda Jane I found ur line of clothing in New Hampshire and fell in love! I think having home parties or sharing your clothes with poor I know would be a great success and give me something to be proud of doing! I never want to do things like home shows unless I believe in what I’m selling and only one other time did I do that and it was creative memories! I really believed in the whole idea of CM and I would be honoured if I could sell MJs clothes to my friends family and friends of family lol!