We bought our house in 2004 and put in a top-of-the-line LG front load washer and dryer. I debated between Bosch and LG because I wanted “quiet” as they are quite close to my kitchen where everyone dwells. I regret not choosing the Bosch—I can’t remember why I didn’t. However, Bosch and other brands have endured some mold complaints, too, though not nearly as many as LG, it seems.

If you’re wondering how to clean mold from a front load washer gasket, you’ve landed in the right place. They all seem to have this problem and it stinks, literally.

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Try Affresh tablets for managing washing machine mold. They are the best solution I’ve found so far.

Mold in a Front-Loading Washer: My Experience

We fought a disgusting mold problem with stains on the plastic rim or gasket around the door. I called LG, and they told me to use bleach and keep the door open when not in use. Oh, and to wipe the entire washer down after each use. What? You have to squeeze a towel or cotton swab into the gasket’s folds to clean it. Doing this after every wash cycle isn’t practical. 

It’s not uncommon to leave a load in the washer for an hour or two after it ends, or maybe even overnight in busy households. If you have a front load washer this is a recipe for mold that is really difficult to get rid of.

Our problem was exacerbated by the fact that this was our vacation house. The washer wasn’t used regularly, but it was wiped down before leaving the house for long periods. The mold problem got MUCH worse after we moved permanently into the house and used the washer regularly.

Removing mold and making sure the gasket was dry turned into time-consuming tasks that no one has time for.

I Called LG About Our Front-Loading Washing Machine

I did call LG (click for the support line number) to complain. The LG representative I spoke with was friendly and told me that the problem could be solved by using a bleach and water dilution on the washer gasket.

In my case, that didn’t help so much. The mold quickly returned because there are too many small crevices for the mold to breed in. The water pooled up at the door of the front loading washing machine after each wash, too.

The representative also told me (which later LG denied ever mentioning) that this was a design flaw that has since been rectified in later washer models. But, there was nothing they can do because the washer was out of warranty.

My husband called again and was told the same thing—wipe it down and use bleach. They denied mentioning the “design flaw.”  

Front-Loading Washer Class Actions Lawsuits

I’m allergic to some mold types, not to mention the washer stinks, so we had to replace it with a different brand prematurely. As I was angrily researching a new washer, I noticed that mold in a front loader is common in particular brands. In fact, at the time this post was written in 2009, many class-action lawsuits were brewing about it:

LG Class Action
Whirlpool Duet Class Action

People kicked up a fuss about mold in the Kenmore Elite front loading washer as well. There are also other class actions for washers that have perpetual error codes and other issues.

Do your research before you join a class action.

If You Have Mold in Your Washer

The first thing you should do is contact the manufacturer. A resolution will be difficult especially if you’re out of warranty.

Some people have reported success with a product called Affresh High-Efficiency Washer Cleaner. LG’s manager said to use it repeatedly “until it hurts” but that it may not work for everyone. Affresh has been the best solution for helping us manage the mold. It does work, but it’s not going to cure the problem, possibly because our issue is serious. I’ve also tried Washer Magic with no success.

If there is mold in the gasket, you can also try replacing the gasket. That’s not going to solve the problem, though, unless you’re diligent about maintenance. I’ve read that once the mold appears, it’s hard to eliminate it, which has been my experience.

Why Does Mold Build Up in Front-Load Machines?

Front-loading washers typically use less water, so dirt, grime, and detergents do not always fully drain out. Using cold water versus hot can also exacerbate the problem. Hot water (less efficient) kills bacteria better than cold water does.

It is SO DIFFICULT to fully dry my LG front-loading washing machine after use, and it isn’t practical to leave the door open due to its location in the house.

You also MUST use low sudsing HE detergents (we currently love Tide HE pods) or cut back on regular detergents. Leftover suds are tough to drain and contribute to the mold problem, so fewer suds overall is better.

I hope this info can help if you have mold in your washer. Since this post was written, we’ve switched to a Samsung top-loading washing machine and have been mold-free.


Katie Dillon is the managing editor of La Jolla Mom. She helps readers plan San Diego vacations through her hotel expertise (that stems from living in a Four Seasons hotel) and local connections. Readers have access to exclusive discounts on theme park tickets (like Disneyland and San Diego Zoo) and perks at luxury hotels worldwide through her. She also shares insider tips for visiting major cities worldwide, like Hong Kong, London, Paris, and Shanghai, that her family has either lived in or visits regularly (or both).

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  2. That’s funny about the 2004 thing. That’s when we bought ours too. Our extended warranty expired in August. We did not renew. I think we’ve had our washer and dryer serviced at least 3x each. We’ve used bleach, Simple Green, special products for HE washers, we’ve cleaned the bottom drain, you name it, we’ve done it. I will buy a top loader next time. And leaving the door open, that’s just dumb. Who wants to leave the washing door open 24/7?
    .-= Angry Julie Monday´s last blog ..Monster Jam is coming to Orange County =-.

    1. Seriously, I’m just upset because I shouldn’t have to spend $$ on a new washer right now. I think ours is too far gone to save, especially with my mold allergy. Am looking at top loaders.

  3. Stopping by from SITS today, just got home from the gym too! Very informative post. I have been wanting to replace my washer/dryer and will not be looking at front loaders now. Would be very interested to know what you decide to get. Have a joyfilled Monday!

  4. Same thing here. We have a Bosch front loader and while I don’t see a lot of mold, I smell it! We do leave the door open but haven’t tried the bleach or cleaner route yet, thanks for the tips! With the exception of this problem, I really do prefer the front loader (we switched from the a top loader around two years ago) but this is a big problem. Also having problems with our Bosch front load dryer.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Should I Stay or Should I Go? And, if I Go, Can I Come Right Back? =-.

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  6. Interesting information about washer. Thanks. Stopping in from SITS. Great blog.
    .-= Mary ´s last blog ..MERCHANDISE MONDAY: Glitter, Glitter =-.

  7. That stinks! I’m going to ask my mom if she has a problem with hers. I’m not sure what brand she had though. I hope something comes out of the class action for you!

    Swinging by from SITS!

  8. We are having the same problem with ours & mold actually got on a table cloth. I was NOT pleased because the general idea of a frontloader was so appealing–conserves energy & extra large loads. BUT it’s useless if mold accumulates & we’ve done everything to remove it or keep it away. Awful & we do all the tips but it still doesn’t help.
    .-= beth aka confusedhomemaker´s last blog ..

  9. We’re having the exact same problem! I just tried to run an emtpy load to get rid of the smell. ARGH!
    .-= Theresa´s last blog ..I saw Santa =-.

  10. I blogged about this- HATE my Kenmoore Elite. Your post is so true! I despise mine. Never pays to spend a lot of money on appliances, as you need to replace them in about 5 years anyway!

  11. He have a front loader that we purchased in 2006. Same disgusting problem. It makes me angry. I have a frigidaire. I’m going to look into the class action lawsuits and see if there are any.

    1. Mold is not my only issue, I also have trouble with my GE front loader too (that I purchased in 2006). It does not spin the clothes dry ( dripping wet) and what makes it worst it does not have a “SPIN ONLY” cycle, therefore, I have “RINSE AND SPIN” it again.
      I do not see how this saves me energy, because I have to use more water and more electricity to do this second cycle.

      So much for saving energy. Very aggravating. Does anyone have this problem?

      1. I just noticed the other day that my two year old Bosch has a huge mold problem. I saw a small amount of mold on the outside part of the gasket and used some Affesh cleaning tablets for front loaders and I thought that helped, but when I pulled the wide rubber gasket open the other day there was mold everywhere! It was gross. Now I know why my washer was smelling. There are so many places to clean especially the large rubber gasket which has small indentions etc. I could never keep up with it. I’m very angry about buying this useless appliance. I also have a problem with the spin cycle. I don’t have a rinse and spin, I have a drain and spin and it doesn’t work. The clothes stay soaking wet. I hate this washer and the dryer is a problem as well, it spins my clothes into knots, particularly sheets.

        1. I know you can get the gasket replaced – as we were looking at that with our LG. I seem to have our mold issue under control by wiping it with bleach and keeping the door open. Someone here had a suggestion that I believe involved white vinegar – I’ll have to look again.

  12. I just received my new GE front loader washer and dryer yesterday and have only washed one load, but I love it so far. We had heard about the mold issue on front loaders, namely LG, so we avoided all the brands that we heard were the worst. The particular GE model we bought was named best value from Consumer Reports and from many other reviews we read.

    Here is the particular model we bought: http://bit.ly/2Je9U
    .-= Aimee @ Ain’t Yo Mama’s Blog´s last blog ..Mental Monday: When It Comes To Grief, Nothing Is Normal. =-.

    1. Thanks Aimee! I hope the washer/dryer work for you – get a stash of Affresh or something to keep it clean. I subscribe to consumer reports and use it all the time for things.

    2. Just started to look tonight regarding the mold problems with Front In Loaders. We have a GE that we purchased in 06, and yes we have a mold and smell issue. We have tried it all and nothing seems to work. We have left the door open for over a year now and still the mold.

      1. I also have a GE Front end loader Washer that we bought in 2006. Do you have trouble with drippping wet clothes at the end of the wash cycle? And does your machine have a “Spin Only” cycle?

  13. This mold issue has bothered me for years. I’ve tried to clean it with no luck. I am so joining the class action for the Whirlpool – thanks for the post. Good stuff. Sending it to my mom, who has the same problem, and just bought a two new LG’s! Great.

  14. We have always had top-load washers! What is the benefit to having a front-load one?? I like ours! 😉
    .-= Becca´s last blog ..Yay!!!! =-.

  15. I have the Kenmore Elite. Have not had issues like yours but it does get dirty when I am not diligent about cleaning it. I use the affresh tablets on a regular basis…thanks for the reminder just threw one in there.

  16. Our law firm is involved in the cases against Whirlpool and LG that you mentioned in your post. In addition, we wanted to let you know that we have similar lawsuits against Bosch, Kenmore, and Maytag. If anyone has contacted you with problems with any of the above washing machines, you can give them our direct contact information. Phone: 312-220-0000 Email: info@freedweiss.com. Our Website is www.freedweiss.com, where you can find more information about the other cases against washing machine manufacturers.

  17. We have a Kenmore Elite HE4T. We typically get mold in the fabric softener dispenser cup. Same problem when we had a Frigidaire front loader at our old house. Never had the issue with mold on the door gasket, though.

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  20. I had a kenmore front loader HE 3 I think it was, a very expensive present to myself, top rated by Consumer reports magazine , after 1 and 1/2 years of use and out of warranty I noticed funky smell on all clothes, endless calls to sears (yes we know of the problem, its a design problem with HE machines, all water does not drain out, try a bleach and hot water solution etc.) nothing worked smell got worse and worse this was before Afresh even hit the market. We got rid of the machine and bought a regular old fashioned top loader and guess what no smell after 2 years!! I will never, Ever buy a front loader again. They may look fancy, but every time I am in a relative’s house that has one I seek out the washing machine and sniff for mold smell and guess what even in the homes with daily paid housekeepers the SMELL is there. Never be fooled into buying a front loader, those washing machine cleaners just mask the odors of a problem that will always be there due to design flaws.

  21. The thing is, molds breeding in front load washers is commonplace. That is due to the washer’s horizontal axis drum that does not completely drain off water. Fighting off molds is much easier if you run enzymes together with an empty lukewarm water cycle. Do this right after using your washing machine. Bleach does not work all the time and it might cause a musty smell to permeate from your washer.

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  23. that affressh works well but there is also something on the market called smelly washer which has been highly praised for it’s power to get rid of the smell in our washers

  24. Usually leaving the door open when the machine is not in use is always good to avoid mold, and also keep it fresh.

    1. re: leaving the door open. There is a significant danger associated with leaving the door open with small children in the home. Is this advice from the manufacture? I am trying to identify who would like liable if harm resulted. Thanks

  25. We have a Kenmore washer/dryer front loaders (2005)…love them!! NEVER ANY MOLD…However, my mother’s LG (2009) is a nightmare! Have gone all the way to Consumer Affairs Bureau of Electronic & App. repair…it is a design defect…have just contacted a class action law group. Leaving washer door open, using expensive products, pumping out the standing water does nothing…as you all know…and it is not only useless, but dangerous with small children to leave the door open. Unfortunately, we were just told that LG now makes Kenmores….go figure.

  26. Great to read this site.
    I bought a BOSCH (expensive) NEXXT about 4-5 years ago.
    People have to know there is good with the bad with these front loaders. I have had terrible problems with the mold. Have tried everything, however by time I realized what was happening the mold has already permanently stained the rubber. I agree with the point made that there is not always time to take a load out right away and always the time to wipe the whole thing down. It’s easy to wipe where the water pools in the bottom, but the mold in my machine goes around the entire circle and is in some very tight spots to get at.
    Other problems with front loaders: The clothes can get all tangled, especially if you have anything with ties or belts attached to the clothes. This is time consuming to untangle after every wash. The cycle takes twice as long as a top loader. My machine (on the dispenser) indicates to use 2/3 to 1 cup – which was way too much – took 2 hours to run! Called the company and was told to use 2 Tablespoons! – big difference there in their instructions. Also, no one can tell me the savings on water makes up for the fact the machine needs to run twice as long AND twice as hard during the super spin RPM. It also often needs to run a second time because upon opening the machine the clothes are still soaked!!!
    I would never buy a front loader again.

    1. I too have a Bosch. The gasket has mold on it even though I wipe down the gasket and inside the door. The machine is not smelly but I also leave the door propped open with a towel. I found a note to use a 1/2 cp of borax on a couple loads of wash and add detergent and wash as normal. Haven’t tried it yet but will soon. I will never buy a front loading machine again.

  27. Another product to help control odors of mold & mildew in your washer & clothes is TechnoFresh . They gauranty it to work . Have ordered some but have not used yet . Website is , www.TechnoFresh.net .

  28. I’m going back to a top loader next time since the new top loaders are better are competitive with the pros of front loaders. If clothes are left in a closed front loader after washing for a few days, the clothes smell amazingly bad even if the door was never opened exposing the clothes to air. I guess I’ll be doing vinegar wipes for the life of this washer. Otherwise my Whirlpool works well butI don’t like the detergent dispenser as it has seemed to have flooded a few times.

    1. Same mold issues with my L G Washer after using special detergent, Affresh one time a month (cost of $8.99 per bag of 3) & leaving the door open, the mold smell is awful. Another issue, after each wash, the drawer has to be taken out, water emptied & dried out completely before another wash load. The longer I have this washer, I think the detergent drawer will overflow – what is with this?

  29. Our LG front load washer has smelled almost since we bought it 1 1/2 years ago. Our clothes have a horrible musty smell to them even with taking them out right away. Has anyone found a way to get the musty smell out of the clothes once it is there? Have tried the home remedies to keep the mold out of the washer and left the door open but, now after reading comments will try the store bought products. Pursuing the class action suits after trying to get the manufacturer to help with no luck.

  30. I’ve had the same front loader for 13 years with no real problems, and it’s the “class action” neptune washer. As it is for millions of people in europe front loaders are quite simple; take the wash out as soon as you can, don’t over soap, the door only needs to be slightly ajar, run a washer cleaner through it from time to time, do a few loads on hot with bleach every week or so….
    If they were so bad why are they soooo popular?!

    1. I wonder if there is something different about some (I know you have the Neptune) of the European models. I had a front loader for 7 years when living in Hong Kong and London that never, ever had a mold problem. And I did not always leave the door open. I hadn’t owned a front loader previously, so didn’t know to do so!

    2. Because like me, people never heard of the issue until we started having problems, could be the water too….I do wash rugs in mine at times, only HE detergent…will stop liquid fab soft, just use vinegar in rinse…I will spray bleach under the wide gasket because it is too hard for me to hold the gasket back to reach the mold…I do wipe the door and the gasket underneath the best I can each use….yet water sits at the bottom….I need to find something like a cotton swab brush to run around under the gasket to help me….I am also allergic to mold and mildew…and I know no one besides me who has a top loader…love the machine tho…just not the problem…I am in my 70s and don’t have the strength like I used to and Sears no longer has a program where they come out to clean and check the machines once a year if you call…only service them now….

  31. Same deal washer smells bad if ya leave the door shut. Cleaned the rubber gasket in front. Disgusting. Still we shouldn’t have to do this How do we get in in the class action lawsuit. My husband has already replaced both of the solenoids to pump out the water. Thanks for any help

  32. I too am trouble with mold in the rubber gasket of my Maytag. I have sprayed with bleach directly, ran cycles with bleach etc… I have affresh on order. The mold is stain is still there. I am so concerned as I have a child who has allergy issues. I just want to know if the mold is actually killed, even though the stains remain?

    1. My mold stain is still there too. I just did a quick online search because I’d like to know the answer to your question. It does seem that there is some confusion between mold stain (having mold actually on the gasket) and the mold stain that you and I are talking about (where there is no actual mold left, just the black stain that’s left behind). I apologize that I did not find anything conclusive but will look into it!

      1. Thank you! I can’t find any info either. I just want to know if it is safe to use my washer, especially for my kids.

      2. The mold itself impregnates the bellows and there is literally nothing you can do to remove this, ever, once it starts. It seems it doesn’t eat all the way through but it does bury itself in far enough that it cannot be cleaned off. I know this because I pulled the bellows on the Frigidaire with the intent to replace it ($275 part, BTW!) and could not get the new
        one back on. No amount of Affresh (a ripoff!), Oxyclean, TSP, bleach, vinegar or any other chemical will resolve this problem on a washer that has mold in it. You can replace or try to replace the bellows (good luck with that – it requires
        disassembly of half the damn machine) or you have to buy a new model *without the convoluted bellows*. That’s it, that’s all, folks. And yes, I know this is an ancient thread – I get that – I’m posting this here in the hopes that someone else may benefit from my hard-won knowledge on this topic.

  33. I think government regulations may have as much to do with the problems we’re having with our washing machines than most people realize. It’s been quite an eye opener as I’ve been in the hunt for a new machine. I never had problems with my washing machine smelling like mold until recently and I’ve been doing laundry for 35 years. I asked a repairman about the smell I was noticing. He said mold in the washing machines started to become a big problem when the government put regulations on the laundry detergent to be phosphate free. He told me to find a laundry booster with phosphates in it. He suggested I leave the lid open when not in use and use the hottest water setting on the hot water heater about once a week and put in a load of whites or something just to keep the mildew in check. He said too often the hot water we use isn’t very hot. Adding bleach in with hot water is supposed to be helpful as well. He also said to use powdered detergent versus liquid. I feel like it kind of fell in the lap of the washing machine industry and now they are battling a big problem. Not that it’s a bad thing for them to try to remedy the problem from their end but solutions and changes take time. On top of that the government recently regulated how much water can be used to wash clothes with. The tub on the top loaders can only fill about half way up, if that, and the machines have sensors that decide how much water will be used depending on what the wash load is. Consequently, it’s taking far far longer to get the clothes clean than it used to. There are many consumers who are angry and frustrated. I can imagine it will take some trial and error to finally get it right on all fronts, meanwhile the consumers suffer and the manufacturers have to put out a lot of money to reinvent the wheel at a time when industries are struggling anyway. Two different appliance salesman told me the washing machines now days are built to last 10 years of doing 8 loads of laundry a week versus the ones that I used to depend on lasting 25 plus years. Apparently Speed Queen is getting away with offering a top loader that fills almost as full as it used to and uses manual dials that allow you to select your own settings. This may be the last year they can offer the machine. The washing machine industries definitely need to get their act together and start making quality machines again but I also feel that it’s wrong for a handful of people in the government to make big decisions that affect what manufacturers and consumers can and cannot do. Wouldn’t it be better to work on new technology and let the public that is interested in it test it out but meanwhile continue to make what consumers will really buy and use until they have a good replacement? I know there are areas of our country where water is a big issue and I can see the value in water efficient machines. I choose to live out in the country where water is plentiful. I believe in taking care of the planet but I’m really getting tired of government regulating my life. I have never owned a front load machine. I came online to do some research on them. I’m quite discouraged about getting a new machine of any kind at this point. My top load needs replacing unless I want to pay the price of a new machine to get it repaired. It’s very very temping.

  34. I have a Bosch Front Loader. I have health issues with mold and mildew. As soon as I realized there was mold forming on the gasket, I contacted the company. I was told the same as others, wipe it out with bleach.

    Because of my sensitivity to mold and mildew, I wash our clothes with detergent and add ½ cup of white vinegar to all wash loads. Vinegar has been proven to kill mold and mildew. Vinegar goes in EVERY wash load.

    The last load of my wash day is towels and they are washed with chlorine bleach added during the bleach cycle.

    The door to our washer is always left open. I spray the drum, the gasket and the space where water collects with a bleach solution after use. I usually wipe the face of the machine’s door off with a paper towel. I have had my house checked for mold and mildew issues. It is clear except for the washing machine. I run air cleaners in several rooms of the house, including the laundry area. My house is designed so that there are open passageways into the laundry on two sides. It is a well ventilated room and has good air exchange.

    I hate this machine. I would like to know more about your law suit and be included if at all possible.


  35. We are using a LG front loader and immediately noticed black mold growth inside the rubber gasket seal. We tried bleach, left the door opened, didn’t help. Now we have found a better solution for us. We keep a spray bottle filled with vinegar and spray the rubber gasket after finishing a load and always leave the door open. This has helped us keep the mold growth under control. However, this said and done, I will never buy a front loader again until they figure out a better way to deal with mold.

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I am definitely going to try this. We still have ours. I keep putting off getting another one. I looked at top loaders and just couldn’t pull the trigger on a new one.

  36. Great article! My friend and I also take part with a mold removal business in Fort Lauderdale Florida and will be storing this article as outstanding advice. Will share with co-workers and friends.

    Thanks again!
    Jason Sanchez

  37. I bought a maytag neptune back in 05 and was part of the class action lawsuit T that time I didn’t have many problems with my washer. After having my washer 1 year the mold and mildew problem got really bad. Maytag came our and replaced the rubber around the door but it didn’t help. I’ve tried bleach, vinegar, afresh and lots of other front loader cleaners and nothing works. The smell is now bad enough that I can smell it when I walk in the door and my laundry room is at the back if my house. I think Maytag should give me money to replace it! I’m furious! I gave way too much for thus machine!

  38. I have an LG front loader and I had issues with the musty smell but never mold until recently. I’ve had the washer for 5 years. I think the difference is that I started using fabric softener in the last year. So, no more fabric softener for us.

  39. I purchased a Bosch front end about 6 years ago, the machine developed black slimy mold on the door gasket and then developed a rotten egg has smell that would spread throughout the home. I called the manufacturer and was told that I should leave the door open which we had always done anyway! After a while I called our extended warranty people and they refused to even look at it! I called the company we bought it from and they organised to look at it. They could not believe the stench, and had the pump replaced, but the problem still existed as I have been told all the water does not drain out, so it sits and starts to turn fowl! I have always said to my wife that our clothes smell like sour milk, and they are never as clean! The thing jumps around like its possessed by a demon when it is on spin. I’m now looking at a top end loader. Will never ever buy front Enders again!

  40. I know this is a very old post, but I just could not help my self… that mold-ridden photo is disgusting! Just need to keep the washer door open after each cycle and use the self-washing cycle from time to time (once every 2 months is great) and this can be easily avoided. No needed for anything other than that really.

    1. I don’t thinks, so I open my door, leave laundry soap dispenser open , and still happens called consumer rep about smell they sent out a one tech 2 different times 2 tech agreed and changed rubber
      around door still happens it took awhile there is nothing I have not done. 999.00 Lowes I have a Bosh
      and bought a extended warranty

    2. Danielle – while that may be true for you, the Frigidaire Gallery and other similar washers have a ‘convoluted bellow’ that is the cause of the problem. Leaving the door open and using the clean cycle does. not. work. period. Also, don’t waste your money on affresh – just use oxyclean. It’s the same exact ingredients without the scam price.

  41. I have a Bosch to and have the same smelly issues to….my clothes stick…it’s discussing..where can I be included in the law suit.

  42. Cleaning the front inside rim is temporary. That’s because you’re not getting to the real problem. While you may need to take this video with a grain of salt in regards to buying a fan kit, it is an eye opener and explains the root cause of all this mess.


  43. Keeping the washer door and the detergent tray open between uses DOES NOT keep the mold from forming. Nor does cleaning the gasket, drum and pulling the detergent tray out regularly to clean it and behind the tray compartment unit. Running the TUB CLEAN CYCLE does not help, either because the problem is caused by standing water left in places that cannot air out no matter how many doors remain open or how much wiping and cleaning is done. Period. I’ve done it all and done it with regularity – I spend more time cleaning this washer (LG WM 2487H*M) than anything else in the house! And I’ve wondered why my asthma has been worse the last few years – my clothes are being washed in moldy water 🙁

  44. I bought a matching pair of the kennmore eliete HE4t several years ago. I has an alful smell and sometimes my clean clothes smell like dirty disrags also the rubber inside has black in it. I just heard about the lawsuite, but if they knew about these problems they should be held responsible. I got them at Sears in the Lawton, OK MALL THE SMELL STARTED A FEW MONTHS AFTER I GOT THEM BUT EVERYONE WITH THEM SAID THATS HOW THERES DOES, SO I STARTED USEING TIDE WASHER CLEANER AND VINIGER AND LEAVING THE DOOR OPEN. pAID OVER 2,000.00 FOR THESE. I ALSO GOT THE BENDA THAT THEY CAN SET ON AND PULL OUT THE DRAWER.

  45. Make certain clothes dryers are vented outside of the
    basement, perhaps not inside. It’s a slimy greenish black
    material, that may grow in humid environments.
    A high degree diabetic person, you are extremely vunerable to infections.

  46. I have a Whirlpool Duet with sanitary cycle and I’ve never wiped down my machine. It’s been over 6 years with this machine and I haven’t had a mold problem (knock on wood) and I’ve left loads in for more than a day! When I do forget a load (notice I said when and not if??), esp. if it’s been a couple of days, I put it through a warm vinegar rinse first, then run a regular cycle and the clothes seem fine.

    My MIL has a Frigidaire and she complains of a mold problem – she’s tried everything from bleach wipe downs, using Affresh, leaving door open, etc. Only seems to solve it temporarily. The only things I can think of that’s different between us are: I never use liquid fabric softener, rarely run cold only cycles, in fact I run the sanitary cycle regularly (linens, towels, baby clothes). I’ve read that liquid fabric softener creates a sticky residue, maybe it helps mold gain a foothold? And perhaps the Sanitary cycle kills everything?

  47. Good news today if you own a Bosch or Kenmore. Looks like you should join a class action if you haven’t already

    1. Ok maybe good news for some ! What about all the people who have the Sears Elite Front Loading Washers in MISSOURI?? Mine smells like moldy, musty, dirty rags.. I am sick from it! HELP PLEASE?????

    2. There is no link to be added to the class action suit for Bosch. The above link is just an article.

  48. I have a Bosch and it’s moldy too…my clothes smells…I have to add bleach to my clothes which makes them discolor and ruin, but I hate the moldy smell. where can I sign up for this settlement

  49. washed our clothes today with a old fasioned washboard. hard work but it got the stick out. I hate our front loader!

  50. Add 4 ounces of tri-sodium phosphate which is commonly
    known. You will need to mix a cup of it in a gallon of water and then scrub the affected area two or three times until all the traces of mold have been removed.
    Questions to always ask should include facts about their education, training, and

  51. I have a samsung and have had it for less than 5 years. While it does not smell, it looks disgusting around the door. I have tried to clean it several times but nothing works. The soap/conditioner drawer is also disgusting. I have even tried to run it through the dishwasher to no avail. Today, I noticed water still sitting in the bottom of the drum after washing a load. I opened the little door on the bottom of the washer to see if there was something going on with the drain thing (have no idea why they would put it at the bottom of the washer…where will the water go when opened? Floor of course!). It was quite disgusting. It look liked white and black cottage cheese along with water! A friend gave me some cleaner that you are supposed to wash out your washer with (absurd that you would have to wash a washer!). I ran it through only to come back when it was done and find that my washer seems to have burned up something.

    Remember the commercials with the little boy stacking toys on top of the washing machine while it was running? Well our machine would shake the house when you went from a load of lighter weight items to a load of heavier items.

    I will not purchase another front loader unless I can be guaranteed by the manufacturer that no mold would ever grow in the door.

    I like the idea of using less water and being more green but not at the cost of having something disgusting in my house. This house is going back to a top loader!

  52. You are all talking about LG washer but my problem with LG was the dishwasher. It always smelled but couldn’t figure out why. One day it didn’t drain and I pulled it out to see. It really stunk and the float box was full of mold. The repairman came and said we only need 1 tsp of detergent now. I used the premeasured pods. He said that was too much. When the phosphates were removed by the government it now leaves extra soap where ever it can find and will start growing mold. So don’t buy LG period. Their dishwasher have mold in most float boxes. If you read on the internet many folks complain about the smell and if you call LG they tell you to clean in monthly with bleach. Well I am highly allergic to mold, my kidneys shut down and I am highly allergic to bleach also. Why not make a product that doesn’t create mold. Now I know why my kidneys shut down. The dishwasher had mold and can you imagine how many folks are living with mold not only in their laundry rooms but in their kitchen where they are all the time. Mold is terrible on your health. It can kill you. No LG products but I am not sure if it happens in any other products now that phosphates are out of the detergent. I know most use more then 1tsp to wash their dishes. How can the products be sold that are more then that if it creates mold in the dishwashers

  53. I purchased a house in late August. It came with a washer and dryer that is stackable. Currently we have them stacked in a closet in the kitchen. At first I never noticed the mold/mildew but then when I noticed soapy water left in the drum after a load of laundry I started noticing the mold. I first wiped out the rubber gasket with a paper towel till dry. Then read on internet to use equal parts water and white vinegar and wipe gasket down. I did that. And now wipe gasket after every load and leave door to machine open all the time. I would love to have a traditional laundry room with side by side machines. I don’t know if I will ever by front loaders again.

  54. I have a LG as well same problem. What can be done at this point? Is it too late to join the lawsuit? Have better cleaning products come on the market? It is nasty to look at and hard to feel like the clothes is coming out clean! If you have an update as to how you resolved the issue or what new options are available . . . please share! Thank you.

  55. I read your blog to get help. I didn’t have any bleach on hand, so I tried my Tilex mold and mildew with bleach. I sprayed it then came back twenty min wiped it. Sprayed again left it and it looks almost gone. And mine was a very thick severe case of black mold!!

  56. Get TECHNOFRESH, it works–seriously.
    I wasted money on all sorts of products that were supposed to fix it, different detergents, etc.
    Thought I was gonna need a new washer. Then,
    My mom found the website & ordered technofresh for me. I followed the phase one shock treatment instructions from the website, which require salt, a lot of cheap white vinegar, and a box of cheapo dishwasher powder. Then started using technofresh and haven’t had a problem since. It’s been 6 months and counting.

    I HAD a gross smelly washer…Had. Now, doing the laundry doesn’t stink 🙂

    1. We had a top loading washer and dryer that was part of the house when we bought it. It wasn’t that old but our towels and clothes kept coming out of the washer smelling mouldy. So we got rid of the washer and dryer and bought a brand new LG Steam Clean front loading washer and dryer from Sears last year 2015. In the last several months I’ve noticed a slimy sludge buildup in the same place. I followed the instructions and used the tub clean cycle. I also leave the door open a notch using the magnetic latch on the door. Which I think has helped a bit. I too have also been having issues with the soapy water being left in the drum after a wash. I now use very little detergent. I tried to pull back the rubber to wipe it down with a cloth and some tub and tile cleaner but haven’t had much luck. I may try some of the suggestions to clean this with the products listed below. I have yet to call the manufactuer but I wonder if that will do any good since I have now discovered there is a class action law suit. I too would not buy a front loading washer and dryer ever again.

    2. Where did you buy the Technofresh from and how much did it cost.
      These dealers sure have us running around to solve our own problem, and won’t even replace it, with a Top Loader, and they say the warranty has run out. Also do you have the phone number for Trommj LG people and an address for them. They say use Disquis, who are they, they keep telling me you are already on the system, a lot of bull from them. How do you sue these assholes.. email is dsidhu4@telus.net darshan Sidhu, Campbell River, BC V9W 2M9

  57. The mycotoxins produced by toxic black mold are neurotoxic. This means they kill neurons in the brain, which impairs a person’s mental ability significantly. These mycotoxins also cause nervous disorders, such as tremors, personality changes, mood swings and irritability.

  58. I’m sweating cleaning the mold out of our Kenmore HE front load washer as I write this. I’m horrified at the black mold in my washing machine. I kinda want to go back to the old top load washers. I see that some people mentioned not using fabric softener because it might give the mold a foothold, but I have very hard water and anything that is ever washed without fabric softener feels hard and scratchy. Plus a lot of my clothes say cold wash only. It’s really annoying. I hate this stupid washer. I never once had an issue with the old top loading Kenmore we replaced to get this front loader.