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Tips for a Fun Mother-Daughter Vacation

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Mother-daughter vacations are a fantastic way to spend quality time together. We take quite a few during school holidays and I treasure the memories we make every time.

With Mother’s Day on the horizon and fantastic giveaways from Lands’ End that definitely could help make a dream holiday a reality, I thought I’d share a few tips for a successful mother-daughter vacation at any age. It’s always nice to get away with someone you love but family is family and a little extra planning and patience ensure a perfect trip.

1. The Destination Matters

Take some time to brainstorm destinations together. If only one person is keen on Tokyo, it’s not going to be as fun for the other. I would say the exception might be in the case of fulfilling a life-long bucket list dream, which would obviously be an amazing and selfless thing to do and something I hope to eventually do for my own mom.

My daughter and I work together to determine where we’re headed and what we’ll do when there.

2. Incorporate Family and Friends.

I find detours to see family or friends tremendously helpful. It’s refreshing to add other people into the mix after spending tons of time together, especially if you don’t see them often.

We just returned from Hong Kong where our holiday was split 50/50 between attractions and socializing and I credit this strategy with the fact that neither of us argued or even raised our voices for two weeks together.

3. Give Each Other Some Space

Even though my daughter is 9, we separate at least once during long holidays. I arrange a babysitter through the hotel concierge and head out to do things that she isn’t interested in. And, she loves the opportunity to play with someone new.

Another excellent way to do this is by booking spa treatments. Enjoy the lounging facilities together first and then separate during a fabulous massage, facial or whatever you choose. Even if you’re not feeling keen to go separate ways for a bit, do it anyway as a preventative measure.

4. Plan a Realistic Itinerary

I suggest moving at a slower pace than you might otherwise in order to avoid burning each other out. It’s terribly important when traveling with family to stay relaxed and energized so that emotions don’t flare up. Create an itinerary that allows for downtime and extra time so that if someone wants to linger in a market, the entire day isn’t derailed.

5. Be (Extremely) Flexible

Give in every once in a while. It’s not worth fighting to wedge in another museum or for reservations at the restaurant of your choice. You have to leave stubbornness at home.

I always know that I will not be able to do everything I’d like to when on a mother-daughter vacation. It’s okay as the time together is always worth it.

Top photo credit: Flytographer

Learn a few tips for a successful mother-daughter vacation at any age.

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