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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide [VIDEO]

BY La Jolla Mom

Despite rarely jumping on the gift guide train, I evidently have quite a bit to say about Mother’s Day gifts this year. I have gift ideas for every “type” of mom—ones that are ageless and avoid going to the mall, and some that are last minute quick-print deals. Have I dropped hints about my own Mother’s Day gift yet? Surprisingly, no.

Gifts For Every “Type” Of Mom

In this article, I discuss gift ideas for:

  • The Fashionista
  • The Spa-Goer
  • The Expectant Mama
  • The Nostalgia Mama
  • The Sexy Mom and the “I want to feel sexy again” Mom
  • The Not-So-Domestic-Diva
  • The Domestic Diva or Foodie
  • The Philanthropist
  • The Blingy Mom

Most businesses mentioned are based in San Diego, which is always fun.

Unique, Ageless Mother’s Day Gifts

This was fun. These Mother’s Day gift ideas from an NBC San Diego segment are unique because they don’t involve going to the mall, they are ageless, and they can be enjoyed in the comfort of home.

  • In home spa, wellness or fitness workout: This is perfect for new moms, and moms who can’t get out of the house. Book a mani/pedi during nap time or that quick hour window between work at home calls. On Demand is a private concierge for spa, wellness and fitness. Call Bonnie and tell her exactly what you like and she can find someone to do it.
  • Closet therapy: You may remember my post about how to spring clean your closet from Mahjuba Levine from My Sister’s Closet. She also does in-home closet therapy sessions where she helps you make new outfits out of items you already have. She helps you purge what’s out of style, doesn’t suit you and suggest staples you might need.
  • Dinner delivery: When I asked Twitter moms what they’d like for Mother’s Day, this was a popular answer. They just wanted to no have to deal with cooking dinner for a few days. I get it. In San Diego, there are several options for gourmet,  healthy food delivery such as Fitzee Foods and Susan’s Healthy Gourmet.
  • Housekeeping: Enough said. This was another enormously popular poll answer. Give Mom the gift of time!
  • *Photo credit: istockphoto/DZM

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